April 24, 2017


She was stardust
rounded up by gravity
to circle the sun.

She was a garden of wild petals
pushing through bone.

She was an untamed candle
flickering in the wind.

She was water
flexible and flowing.

She wanted to go deeper.
To discover depth and dimension.

She wanted oceans.

December 14, 2015

Monarch Your Life

[Monarch: (n) A sole and absolute ruler]

The Monarch Butterfly instinctively migrates south every year to the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Traveling 50-100 miles a day, over land and sea. They are guided by the magnetic pull of the earth and the position of the sun, among other things.  It is a miraculous phenomenon that the Monarch makes this journey. Especially since they’ve never taken this path, nor has a previous generation shown them the way. It is just inside them.
In life, I think there is an imaginary path that we all walk, that is just as instinctual. A straight point of reference from beginning to end. Mapped out for us in the stars. And it is our choice to either be pulled by it, or to run from it. 
When we run from it, life seems to be working against us. We experience heart ache.  We experience suffering. Things just don’t click. Each step feels like a step backwards as you kick up dust in a different direction. Maybe you walk in circles. Maybe you zig then zag.  Or maybe, you just stand still, unchanged. Unwilling to follow your instinct.
So you keep running.  You run from hard decisions; from people.  You chase things that you think will serve you, that you think will make you happy. And you run away from the Universe. Away from God. Away from You.
In my life, I’ve lost myself. I've found myself - but only when I made the conscious decision to focus all of my energy to the things that truly serve my life's purpose. To the things that bring me light. And with love and gratitude, I let go of the things that did not. And suddenly, I found my wind current to soar.
The Universe works for you when you walk your truest path. It gives you exactly what you ask for. But the secret is to ask. To believe in the journey. And to walk forward with faith. That is the only way to live this life. 
Like the Monarch, our journey is instinctual, it is guided. It is a force that pulls you forward to the incredible dreams that lie ahead of you and just within reach. It is a soar over the ocean. It's sunshine through the trees. It's warmth from your neighbor. It's leaving a part of yourself for generations to come. It's a magnetic pull. A flutter of the wings. A divine path created just for you.  

October 15, 2015

Tell Me

Forget obstacles, forget patterns. Show me your vision of perfection in an imperfect world. Tell me what spot calls to you while tracing fingers and eyes on a spinning globe. Tell me what's necessary for your survival, what's personal, what's impossible, what's gigantic, what's beautiful, the time you had enough of everything not being enough, the last time you didn't just want satisfaction-you wanted to feel love. We'll travel down roads and watch quiet moon rises into navy black nights. We'll become the beat within the song...just tell me, show me...For these lives are swift, and every moment pulsing….
    -Victoria Erickson {edited slightly by me}

October 7, 2015


Jewelry c/o Lucky Star Jewels - Ring | Necklace; Top: c/o T. Madison ShopNico Boot: Madewell; Bag: Madewell; Hat: UO; Jeans: JCrew
Currently Loving:
Moon Jewelry.  I wear it every. single. day.
Hole-y Jeans.
Hats. Hats. Oh and HATS.
Shoes without heels.
High Ponies.
Tops with interesting cuts. Especially an open back.
Golden sunshine. Golden air.
Morning Rain.
Anything dark chocolate and sea salt.
Taking risks.
The song lyric...I forget where we were.
Creating More.
Writing More.
Expressing More.
Living MORE.

August 19, 2015

My Happy Place

Madewell Oversized Boy Shirt | Victoria Secret Bikini (Similar Here) | JCrew Panama Hat | Rayban Shade
The beach will always be my happy place. I can remember seeing it for the first time when I was a little girl. Sandwiched in the middle of the backseat of a Volvo, I drove with my family from AZ to CA. The sprawls of scorching hot desert that stretched for miles and miles felt endless. My eyes lazily chased the scenery as it flew past the car window. After so many, "Are we there yet's?" and so many stop-and-rewinds on my Sony Walkman of Ty Herndon's "What Mattered Most", there was finally relief. The air had changed, and butterflies filled my belly.
We rolled the windows down. I could smell the ocean air. I could feel the salt on my skin. And I could see the most magical stretch of blue over the horizon. It was love at first sight.
After all this time, I can't help but return to this spot every year. To fill my soul just like it did that very first time at five years old. Like every requited love might feel - butterflies, relief, gravitational pulls and magic.