January 31, 2011

I Wish and I'm Thankful

Shirt: We the Free; Vest: C&C California; Jeans: FreePeople; Boots: Steve Madden; Purse: Francescas; Necklaces: Gift from my Mother; Earrings: Forever21; Head Scarf: For The Love
I wish I could feel safe in Phoenix's downtown (hence while taking this photograph solo) and not feel like I'm witnessing a drug deal on every street corner.
I'm thankful that the only drug I'm addicted to is love.

I wish I had a button that made my doggy do her business on command.  I mean, doesn't she realize I have better things to do with my time than watch her sniff and spin around in circles?
I'm thankful that I don't have to clean it up.  That's husband's job.  Don't ask how I bargained that one.  Actually, do...if you never do it, someone else has to!!!  Brilliant.

I wish it was springtime so I don't feel like I'm stuck in another season of fashion compared to the rest of the country fighting blizzards.
I'm thankful that the only blizzards I have to fight are the ones from Dairy Queen.  Oreo cookie, get in my belly!  Ok don't.  But seriously...get in there already!!!

Speaking of deliciousness, I wish they sold Girl Scout cookies all year long.
I'm thankful they don't because then I would be a much larger version of myself.  And slightly resemble a tag-a-long.  And then I might just want to eat myself.

I wish to publish a children's book someday.
I'm thankful to realize my dream.

And lastly....

I wish us all a good week.
And I'm thankful for all of you.


Gertrude said...

You come up with such beautiful posts! Great outfit as well :)

Wish you a good week too hun! x

Rissy said...

this post is great! I think it should be a regular thing.

we got our dog an invisible fence that he is petrified of so we open the door, let him out, and he comes back when he pleases.

Ugh I miss AZ weather more than anything.

ali v. said...

I wish the rest of us were in springtime too! I'm so impressed that you take such beautiful photos solo...I live in Providence, RI and I wish it was safer too. I feel your pain ;) have a great week my dear! xoxo {av}

Megan said...

I wish for spring, girl scout cookies, and dairy queen on a daily.basis.

and taco bell.

Anonymous said...

Painting on the wall is amazing, and then you looking so pretty next to it, tons times better!
Loved the wish/thanks list!

Wish you a lovely monday, Thankful for your sweet comments on my blog! xo

Kathryn said...

I wish they sold Girl Scout cookies all year too! And I'm thankful I found your lovely blog.

Ramsey said...

This is so great. Especially the blizzard part. Because who couldn't use a lifetime supply of those???

Ramsey said...

And I'm also tagging you for 15 things! :)

Brooke T said...

Love that picture! I can't wait for Spring either.. SO READY!

Lindsay said...

I love that photo!

Oh dear I am SO ready for winter to be over. I'm over here in Texas and we keep going back and forth! I'm sick of this bipolar state! One day is 70 and the next it's snowing lol

Kileen said...

i love that mural behind you in the posts!! what a lovely message.

and your tattered jeans are absolutely perfect. i need those!

and i'm such a sucker for Girl Scout cookies too. :)

cute and little
come join the Color Brigade!

Living Foxy said...

OMG, you have to tell me where that photo was taken. You look so cute!

Anonymous said...

i love that outfit!

Catherine said...

I'm jealous of Arizona's climate... or any climate that doesn't involve snow.

That mural behind your is so nice.


♥B said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog :) you are sweet. Your blog is adorable.. I have a total blog crush! Your photographs and style are amazing! AND I'm super jealous you live in AZ!

Unknown said...

I just came across your blog and I love it! All of your outfits are so cute! You are the perfect person to look for ideas on how to piece items together!

Random question...are you a model? LOL, I was thinking maybe you was. You take really good photographs and have the look of a model!

I live in Louisiana and we got a "little" bit of blizzard...I was hoping for more!!!

Newest follower :) Hope you check my site out!
~Romantic Savy

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