January 25, 2011

Do-Re-Me....We'll Stop There

Jacket, Shirt, Shoes and Belt: Target; Skirt: Citizens of Humanity; Purse: H&M; Necklace and Earrings: Francescas; Bead Ring: Made by Me
 Who I Am...

I am...26 years old.
I want...a baby.
I have...so much happiness. 
I wish...to travel the world.
I hate...pickles!
I fear...the state of our country and our world.
I hear...life all around me.
I search...for the perfect photograph to take.
I wonder...about the stars and the universe.
I regret...nothing because I am where life needs me to be.
I love...my husband.  More than anything.
I ache...when I see ugliness in the world.
I always...try to be better today than yesterday.
I usually...listen to my music really loud.
I am not...going to allow anyone to define me.
I dance...when someone is watching.
I sing...but not well.
I never...go to bed with makeup on.
I sometimes...talk in a southern accent.
I cry...everytime I read the children's book, "Someday."
I am not always...rational.
I lose...myself when I am with my husband.
I am confused...by mean people.
I need...to always feel confident.
I should...never stop trying.

Who Are You?

(Post idea from Our Love Never Fails)


Unknown said...

I dance...when someone is watching

Hell yeah :D
Love this post!

x Je suis Sophie

Inna xoxo said...

I love this!
And i love your outfits woman! They always super cute! :)
xoxo inna
@ www.innasdailyfix.blogspot.com

Erin Willett said...

Probably my favorite outfit you posted so far!
great photos :)

visit heyrecklessmind.blogspot.com

Rissy said...

And I am sooo doing this tomorrow.
oh and get prettier I dare you! lol
seriously I need to move to AZ and take your cycling class every single day!

Katelyn said...

Great outfit! I love this post :)

Gertrude said...

Yes I have to buy a tripod soon!

Loved this "Who I Am" post x

Hi! I am LiLi! said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh I want to do this too! You sound so happy and positive, this is exactly what made me follow you ... Babies I want lots of babies, not right now but one day! I SO doing it soon! I promise to tag you!


Valerie said...

I am...a Mom.
I want...my kids to be happy.
I have...the greatest husband.
I wish...that my babies would laugh forever.
I hate...pickles!
I fear...that my kids will grow up with my chemical imbalance.
I hear...life.
I search...for the lost shoe, every morning.
I wonder...why my toenail polish on my big toe of my left foot ALWAYS chips.
I regret...the mistakes I didn't learn from.
I love...My husband and my two little girls - Audrey and Lindsey.
I ache...when I think about my girls' hearts being broken someday.
I always...read the girls storys at night.
I usually...go to the gym everyday.
I am not...sad.
I dance...with my girls everynight before storytime.
I sing...horribly.
I never...look back.
I sometimes...lie.
I cry...whenever I yell at my kids.
I am not always...rational.
I lose...sleep.
I am confused...by politics.
I need...Mt. Dew.
I should...stop drinking Mt. Dew.

Cassandra said...

You are too cute! :) I had a lot of fun reading your answers and posted my own responses on my blog (with a link back to yours, obviously).

This outfit is adorable. I'm loving the use of neutrals!

just the two of us! said...

love this outfit! cute post!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

ok are you allowed to look this good. I am so loving everything.

just became a follower hope you can be one of mine :)

Kileen said...

i LOVE this post! that bag is awesome and i'm in love with your shirt -- stripes and ruffles? a definite win!

and your hair always looks so perfect! you should do a little hair curling tutorial. :)

cute and little
come join the Color Brigade!

lul said...

I LOVED reading this so much! You are such a sweet girl.

Maggie Olson said...

adorable look and post. i want to steal your leather jacket. and your legs because they are perfectly toned!

American Honey said...

Loved this post, way cute!
Also love the brick wall!

Katie said...

I absolutely love your adorable blog! You are simply gorgeous! PS- I'm your newest follower!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

I love this!! You are so beautiful.

That is all. :)

SaRaH said...

You. Are. Fabulous! I'm so thankful that I came across your refreshing corner of the blogosphere tonight :)

BryanaEllen said...

You are so lovely! Your style is also fantastic. :)

Jardin de la Mode said...

Great post!
Love reading it!

Following, I would love it if you'd followed me back!


krisandkel said...

What an adorable outfit and wonderful photos! I loved reading about who you are! You're happiness is very evident from your photos :)

<3 kris&kel

Anonymous said...

as always just stunning!!! you are so pretty inside & out!!! Have a great day:)

jackiek said...

hi i just found your blog! i'm confused by mean people too. oh my gosh you're gorgeous! i can't wait to keep reading :)


Unknown said...

Love that little questionnaire! & your outfit pic's are adorb!


Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

you are adorable :) happy I found your blog!

Kim said...

Another adorable outfit! And I love this blog post...I just might have to do a similar one!

LizAnn said...

Great outfit! I especially love that top! You look so cute and put together!!

VPV Intern

Cassandra said...

P.S. I gave you a Style Award on my blog!

Ramsey said...

You are so gorgeous! I love love the last outfit you posted and this one! You are so great at putting things together!!!

Liesl said...

Beautiful and you have such a great look!

Liesl :)

Anna Walker said...

I want a baby toooooo! :)
Seriously! They're precious! I don't like pickles either! The State of the country and the world is worrysome!
PS you have FAB style!


Vintage Paper Designs said...

I am...born on New year’s Eve 30 years ago.
I want...something with forbidden dose of sugar.
I have...lived to tell.
I wish...people are more like me and less like them.
I hate...fish!
I fear...human stupidity.
I hear...even things I am not suppose to.
I search...for inner peace.
I wonder...a lot.
I regret...less then I don’t.
I love...my husband. More than anything.
I ache...when I see injustice.
I always...remind myself that it could always get worse.
I usually...repeat wrong words in my Tarzan Greek, only louder.
I am not...settling for less.
I dance...damn good cause I was professional ballerina.
I sing...but I better not (in public).
I never...envy ‘cause I know better.
I sometimes...give the Oscar speech.
I cry...every time I see a dog or a baby
I am not always...tactical.
I lose...when I don’t win. And its ok.
I am confused...when people speak Greek and expect an answer!
I need...to have purpose in life so I can live it.
I should...cut on that sugar dose.

Unknown said...

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