January 13, 2011


Jeggings: J Brand; Shoes: Dolce Vita (Macys); Shirt: Free People; Sweater: Ann Taylors; Belt: (It's old); Necklace: Turqouise My Dad bought from Iran circa 1970; Bracelets: Collected in Mexico and Hawaii
I used to have a serious jean obsession.  (Used to is a very loose term here.)  I think at one time I owned at least 20 pairs.  I probably have around ten now.  Maybe.  Probably more.  My body type is very long and slender so finding the perfect pair has always been a shopping mission of mine.  You know, the pair that feels as though it was made just for you?  The way it hangs low on your waist, and hugs your bottom better than any boyfriend possibly could.  The way they slim your legs making them look longer than the legs God gave you and how the length hits the perfect spot.  You have some jeans that are long enough to only wear with heels and some that are made for flats.  You have the boyfriend, the skinny, the jegging, the flared, the cigarette...ugh!  I just can't contain myself!  All I want to do is scream, JEANS!  JEANS!  JEANS!!!  Jeans are just. (*sigh*) Perfect.  Paige Denim used to fit me like a glove, but lately, we're not seeing eye to eye.  My NEW obsession is J Brand.  They love my body as much as I love wearing them, and when I saw these jeggings at Saks, I just couldn't resist the splurge.  Do confess, what's your style obsession?


Ashley said...

i'm OBSESSED with skinny jeans and anything mustard color... oh, and fantastic accessories :) i seriously LOVE your outfit

Jaimie D said...

Jeans. Definitely jeans. I think it's safe to say i currently own 2 pairs of each style of jeans...that search for the perfect pair never ends. I find sevens fit me best! J Brand is also great.

Hayley said...

I just found your blog and I am so glad I did, Your style is amazing! AND our blogs are around the same age! Cant wait to keep reading!

Anonymous said...

KT - You are way too cute!! Love you and your blog, it is making me want to blog now!

Sabby V said...

I also love JBrand. Check out my blog for a new post on my Jbrand Lovestory-best jeans ever!


Roxy Te said...

hmm style obsession? I wear jeans and dresses wayy to much! I'm trying to branch out to trousers! Like the uber stylish like Taylor Tomasi Hill and Olivia Palermo wear!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

obsessed with this. looooove.

Megan said...

guess who made the same splurge on the same pair from saks in dallas? me.

J Brand is literally my jean bff.

Unknown said...

love thisss!!

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