January 29, 2011

Me and My Balloon

Jacket: Yanuk; Shirt: Project E; Jeans: J Brand; Shoes: Thrifted; Belt: Target; Hat: Husband bought at a gas station on the way to Las Vegas; Earrings: Forever21; Necklace: Muse Apparel
Do you ever wish you could fly away with your balloon? Just hold onto that string and let it take you up, up and away?  Your feet dangling above the cityscape.  It'd be just you, your ballon, and the clouds, taking you to a place where reality meets imagination.  An escape from your daily routine to explore the world around you, even if it's just for a second.  I want to fly away with my balloon to say hi to a friend.  And tell her what magic lies when you fly between your dreams.  I want to stop at a playground and ride on a swing set and laugh at the sunlight.  I want to touch down on a lake and let my toes glide swiftly across the warm water.  I want to lay in the tall grass and hum sweet words to my own song.  And when I'm tired, I want my balloon to guide me home.  I'll pop it and slowly, the wind's gentle arms, will cradle me back into reality.  But I'd be thankful.  Knowing that just for today, a simple balloon brought me to you.


Anonymous said...

Gosh this was so beautiful, you're not only gorgegous but you have such nice deep feelings and thoughts, loved the post and pictures cause I recently posted me and a balloon! how cool is that! ... Love when bloggers don't devote only to fashion but also focus in conecting with their readers! You're adorable!


Unknown said...

so cute!! love your shoes.

Liesl said...

You are adorable and I just love this post because I am planning some engagement pictures and really wanted to have a few with a balloon...too cute! Lovely blog too, and I love your blog title!

Liesl :)

Kathryn said...

You look amazing! And yes, I often wish I could fly away with a baloon. The way you wrote that was simply beautiful.

Sara K.S. Hanks said...

Look at how bright and vivid the light is through that balloon! Very picturesque. Loving your sassy hat, too.

Kileen said...

i love the red balloon and you're making me want to go on a trip with a lovely balloon too! your fedora is too cute and how awesome that you bought it at a gas station!

cute and little

Pia said...

You are too cute!

And I definitely have to put a fedora on my to-buy list. :)

Lauren said...

These pictures are so fun! And yes I do wish to fly away when I'm suck in class, or wish I was closer to home lol. Wouldn't it be great?


Megan said...

too cute!! love this post. beautifully written my dear. xx

Francesca said...

Amazing photos!

k said...

Your blog is so pretty! These pictures are way cute :)

Gertrude said...

Are you a writer? Hehe.. I really love the way you write your posts :) The pictures are gorgeous x

Ashley said...

THIS IS SO DANG CUTE! I'm loving the balloon...and the concept behind it!

Rissy said...

such a cute post! now I want a balloon to play with.

Love the hat!

ali v. said...

a) how gorgeous are those photos...and how gorgeous are YOU!?! {you're stunning!}
b) I totally feel you...there are so many times I wish I could fly away too.
c) have a fantastic week, xoxo {av}

Anna Walker said...

I love the pictures!
You looks super super happy with your red balloon! :)


Unknown said...

Love that balloon & your outfit :)


Diana Smith said...

Dang girl! You look hot! Love those jeans on you! and you hair is gorgeous!

Veronika Novotny said...

Just found your blog and I love it. You are so gorg, as is your style. I love seeing great photography so, so inspiring! Consider me your new follower. :-D

whitty23 said...

I really like this blog! Love your style chica! Am your new follower :)

AriadnaBach said...

very nice pictures!! you're lovely!! :)

Unknown said...

it's a very cute outfit

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