February 18, 2011

Clip-In Bangs

Clip in bangs: Hair Do;  Nail polish: "Turquoise and Caicos" by Essie. Top: H&M
Full blunt cut bangs across the forehead are the hot hairstyle trend for spring.  They are chic, stylish and instantly draw attention to your eyes.  Wear them just below the eyebrows for a modern look, or cut above for a more retro look.  Do you want to try out the look but are afraid of the commitment?  Well, ladies, you can have your cake and eat it too with clip-in-bangs.  They are affordable, super easy to put in, and are all the "must" without the fuss.  I purchased these HairDo clip-in bangs by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson for $29 at Ulta3.  It is good quality synthetic hair.  Other local beauty supply stores (such as Sally's) carry clip-in bangs and offer a variety of choices.  If this is a look you want to try, my advice would be to purchase 100% real human hair so it does not look so "wiggy" and cut them to suit your face so they look like they were made just for you.  I attempted to cut these myself (and I am wee bit embarrassed).  Bottom line, hair is all about having fun and expressing your personality.  If full blunt cut bangs are something that you debating on doing, I say go for it 100% and don't look back!  But, if not, clip in's are always a fun alternative.

P.S., I am SO in love with this new Essie nail polish.  The color is "Turquoise and Caicos" and I think it is going to be a super hot hue for Spring, so put it on your radar!   


Amanda* said...

LOVE the nail polish!!! It's perfect for Spring.

ginger said...

You look truly fabulous with bangs. Any chance you're going to cut for real? Love the nail polish too. I'm about done with my current color. Thanks.


MARY said...

Love these photos, really cute, u look pretty with bangs.:)

Gertrude said...

You look super cute with the bangs :) Love the nail polish colour x

Ashley J said...

You look awesome with bangs, synthetic or not!

hayley said...

I have been thinking about getting those bangs for the longest time but have shyed away from it. love the idea of the clip ins! and cute color!

Kathryn said...

That nail polish is gorgeous! You also looks great with bangs.

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

oh my! i need those! love love! ive never even heard of them before! perfect!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

umm ahhhmazing, i went to the hair stylist today and she wouldnt do bangs on me because i have a small forehead (FAIL!) so this seems like the perfect solution! xoxo jcd

Alisha said...

Girl, you are beautiful!! I love your bangs (fake or not)! :) I haven't had bangs since 6th grade ha! Now, that's been a while…

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! This style looks great on you! I had it once and it was awful on me haha. Love the nail polish as well....so ready for Spring! Have a great night! x

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I love the bangs. I cut my own and then I hated the look so I just side sweep them. Maybe I should try this. Love it.

Write it in lipstick

Taylor Renee said...

So fun that you can try it out! I think I may .. you rock the bangs well. I say go for the real thing!

Megan said...

well shut the front door. bang problem solved. amazing.

Unknown said...

Although I love bangs, I got bangs once myself but it looked awful.(at least I tried, right?)

Nailpolish colour is niice!

x Je suis Sophie

Kileen said...

wow, love the blunt bangs look on you! i will have to try these out!

cute and little

Ashley Slater said...

I have never heard of such a thing as clip on bangs!! I might have to invest in these..

Elle said...

looks great on you! you've seen my blog and realized i'm a bit bang obsessed right? :)

love, live & wear

xo, L

ShanaEmily said...

You look gorgeous with these bangs! I hav ehad long hair my whole life and I am always too chicken to cut anything crazy! I am so going to get these, did they have them in dark brown or black? Oh I am so excited thank you for sharing :O)


Rissy said...

I was going to send this link to Megan from Across the Pond, but apparently she found you herself.
You are quite the smarty I must say.

I really didn't have any desire to get bangs, but they look so good on you now I kinda want them.

Anonymous said...

How pretty! They suit you so nicely :) xo

lul said...

The bangs look so natural! You did a fantastic job! To answer your question on my blog; I use a Canon EOS 20D!

Anonymous said...

those look amazing!

Cassandra said...

Love, love, love the bangs! They look so natural! You can totally rock straight across bangs.

And that nail polish is very sweet. :) Perfect for Spring!

Bee said...

they look so GOOD!

Nicole Marie said...

i think i might try these. i want bangs so bad but regret it every time i get them!

katou said...

Bangs are perfect on you and that the clip-in bangs are a genious idea love it and that nail polish looks sophisticated and edgy i love it :)

Kenziefaith said...

You are too pretty! Who knew clip in's could look so natural?! I love them!

KF x

Mandy said...

I think this look is a winner! Def going to pick up that polish when I leave work...i am headed on a cruise next week and I think that would be the perfect shade!

Indah Nainggolan said...

love that cute bangs :)
let's be friend and following each other, let me know with your comment in my post, cheer yaa ;)


Bailey Schneider said...

I have to say... I am so glad I cut my bangs! LOVE THEM!!!
Oh and my toenails are painted in that color!
It's so gorgeous and fresh! Turquoise and red are my favorite colors ;-)

PinkLouLou said...

Love turquoise and caicos! Got so Excited when Essie (one of my advertisers) sent me that whole collection last spring, Loves them for that!

Unknown said...

SO fun! The bangs look great on you! & I've seen that essie color, but not on anyone - looks great! I might just need to go pick it up!


Lindsay said...

You should do a tutorial on how to clip in the bangs like you did the other extension video. :) You look so cute with them!!

kate @ undeniable style said...

I love it. you are ADORABLE!

oomph. said...

i still don't get how these stay on, lol! but they do look great on you! and turquois and caicos is a fave of mine! actually all essies...because i discovered that they last a long time without chipping!


SLSfree said...

Which color bangs are you wearing? They look marvelous!

cristen said...

i am so in love with that nail polish! i picked it up a few weeks ago and have been wearing it on my toes and fingers in a few variations ever since. i'm completely obsessed :)

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