February 9, 2011

Operation Pamper Your Man-Dizzle

Shirt, Shoes, Purse and Jewelry: H&M; Blazer: Macys; Jeans: BCBGFake Eye Glasses: Mall kiosk
One thing I know is, I get ah plenty ah pampered by my man-dizzle.  I mean he does everything for me.  So, it's nice every once and a while to give back and let him know how much he's appreciated.  So, why not pamper yours this Valentine's day with an evening he will never forget? 

This special date comes out of my play book ladies.  And it is the date of all dates.  It requires planning and some serious time management skills as you'll be running your lil toosh around town putting all the pieces together.  I like to call it Operation Pamper Your Man-Dizzle.  So here's the dealio.  It's a little lengthy but I wanted to break it down play by play.  Are you ready?

  1. Secretly schedule a massage for your man.  I booked one for the hubby at Massage Envy for 35 bucks.  Right before the appointment, place a note on his car that says something like,
    "You are such a hard worker and I appreciate all you do.  Now, it's time to relax.  Immediately go to (insert massage place here along with directions).  Your appointment starts at (insert time here)".
  2. Once the note is placed on the car and you have left the vicinity, shoot him a text that says,
    "Drop everything now and go to your car."  He will find your note and leave for his massage.
  3. When he is getting a rub down, place another note on his car to find when he leaves.  If you have a spare key to get inside, even better.  This note should read something like,
    "I hope you enjoyed your massage.  Go directly to the front desk in the main lobby at (insert local hotel where you have booked a room for the night). There will be something waiting there for you."
    Extra tip:  If you are able to get inside his car, put a mix CD of some favorite songs that will play automatically when it starts.
  4. Earlier in the day, when you went to check in to your hotel room, you will leave an envelope with the room key and a little note with the front desk at the hotel's lobby, that reads,
    "Go to (insert room # here) and look under the pillow."
  5. Leave something under the pillow that is an inside joke between the two of you.  I had placed a lottery scratcher, with a note that read, "Are you feeling lucky?  Go look in the closet."  (No, I did not pop out of it.  But that would have been kinda fun.)  
  6.  In the closet will be waiting a nice outfit for him to wear with a note that says,  
    "Go to (insert restaurant you made reservations at here) at (this time).  I'll be waiting for you."
  7. Get yourself all dolled up and arrive extra early so you can be sitting at a table when your man arrives.  You both will feel so excited to see each other and all he will want to do is kiss your mug.  Treat him to dinner and enjoy a special night together.
Of course, you can vary this date to your liking.  It can be extravagant or simple.  If you don't want to spend money on a hotel and dinner, just have him go back to your home and surprise him with a romantic home cooked meal with candle light and soft music.  Really, the point is just to surprise him and show off some of that love you've been saving for this Valentine's Day!


Gertrude said...

Such a cute date idea! Your shoes are adorable dear x

Bows and Pearls

Michelle said...

I need ideas so this post is great! Love the shoes, btw :)

Brooke T said...

oh my goodness! This is the BEST idea I've ever read/heard of !! I can't wait to try this someday :D by the way you have the cutest outfits ever!

Megan said...

love love love this idea. perfection.

Anonymous said...

You are adorable! A new follower :)

Lauren Caldwell said...

First, your outfit ROCKS! Absolutely LOVE it! :)

Second, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of planning an entire day dedicated to the hubs! :)

Thanks for sharing!!!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

aaadorable shoes. and great tips!!! i need to do something special for ma man this year :) xoxo jcd

Kileen said...

this is a great v-day idea and i will have to do something like this for my guy. and i'm loving all the hearts in your outfit today!

cute and little
come join the color brigade!

hayley said...

AW this idea is so cute. and i have MAJOR show jealousy. so cute!

Ashley J said...

I love this idea, thanks for the great advice!!!

Meagghi said...

I love doing stuff like this...it feels great to do something nice for the man who makes life grand. I think I may just do this for my man-dizzle's bday next month! PS, LOVE the outfit.

Jess said...

this is adorable. i wish i was seeing my man this valentines. instead he's going to some girls party and i didn't even get an invite.. definitely not in my good books.
love the heels your wearing :)

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit and the idea! Your hubby is a lucky man!

Diana Smith said...

Your shoes are sooo cute! I love them so much and they are perfect for V Day! You are such a gorgeous girl!

Anonymous said...

cute outfit & super cute idea!!!! love it!

miss chaz. said...

I saw you on Ashley's shine blog.....you are so gorgeous! I'm an AZ girl as well and I love your blog and style! So glad I found it:)

And great Valentines idea:)


Anonymous said...

oh i hope h&m still have those shoes!!!!!

Rissy said...

that sounds so great!

in like a year or so when I have a man can you please remind me to do this? haha cause I know you are so bored and all.... : )

Simply Bubblelicious said...

What a great plan! Love it.

Erin Willett said...

Lots of work, but such a great idea!

visit heyrecklessmind.blogspot.com

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Wow, that is some massive man pampering. Love it.

Virginie's Cinema said...

Great tips and a super lovely outfit!

leigh ann said...

So cute! It's straight out of a movie!! :) :)
<3 leigh

Sabrina Says Blog said...

Love reading your blog! You write with such personality and voice and your outfits are to die for! I'm going to have to use this little treasure hunt idea. I love that you are the prize to be found in the end!

Lindsay said...

This is a great idea! I really love the mystery behind it and how he'll never know what's next before hand :)

ShanaEmily said...

Love these ideas, I really need to give my husband more attention. I have these shoes! I LOVE THEM! You are so pretty!


Bailey Schneider said...

That is so special and totally something I would do ... Only thing is, I haven't found the lucky person yet... so I will "live vicariously through" these special ideas! Hahaha!!

Angela said...

J'aime beaucoup ton style!

Angela Donava

Veronika Novotny said...

Your pictures and outfit, are beyond adorable! I am loving those glasses + shoes, and your HAIR -is freakin' gorgeous!

Love these Valentine tips, I am often stumped on what to do for my hubs, but these ideas are fantastic ...can't wait to surprise him with a few. xx veronika

Katy Brooks said...

helloooo cute thang!!!

Unknown said...

So cute & thoughtful! Thanks for sharing! :) I am buying my hubby a massage, but I didn't think about making his appointment and surprising him that way, so I may just have to do that!


mandyface said...

what a great idea :D And I love this look!!

charminglychesney said...

this outfit rocks my face off! and by the way your idea is so romantic and thoughtful, i think im going to use it for my guys birthday later this year!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos & lovely blog sweet lady! I can't wait to come back & learn a little about you :]
~Angel www.livinginaperrytale.com

The Chic Latina said...

you are so gorgeous!! love your blog!


Nicole Marie said...

love this... all i need is a husband... or a boyfriend :)

Alana said...

You are so adorable! Love all the cute poses! Love the outfit and those shoes!!!

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