February 7, 2011

To Feel

Jacket and Shoes: Macys; Shirt: Old Navy: Jeggings: J Brand;Bracelets: Anthropologie and Forever21; Necklace: Gifted: Purse: Purchased at Sun Drops Nail Spot
Sometimes life gets in the way of happiness.  It's hard to stay focused when people, events and dreams blur around you.  Holding on to what's important sometimes feels as though it's slipping away...But I've got a strong grasp.  And these hands won't let go.  
I thought, I need to reconnect.  It's best just to be alone.  
I need to remind myself of what I love.  It's taking pictures and noticing the beauty all around me.  It's chasing my dog on the golf course in ripped up jeans and the red hat I've worn since my freshman year in college.  It's watching her chasing the ducks; I swear I see her smile.  It's driving with the windows down and the music up.  It's feeling the wind through my hair and the sunlight on my face.  Then it's silence.  And warmth.  And love. And coming home to my very best friend.  And for that, I am reminded and grateful for all the sweet blessings in life.

How do you reconnect to keep your happiness? 


Anonymous said...

Those jeans look amazing on you! I love J Brands too but I can only afford the thrifted ones (from Buffalo Exchange) that I've been lucky to find!

I know what you mean, it's easy to postpone being happy. But the truth is that we need to be happy today, not wait for tomorrow. I like listening to this song, when I need to a little reminder:

D Dierks said...

I love the way you've done the animal print in such a subtle and rich way.
As for my happiness, it's a constant re-assessing of priorities and making sure I'm giving the top place to my family and faith. Loved the words of your post!

Rissy said...

Music always helps me re-connect to my happiness.
I turn it up... start to dance... and get all kinds of happy!

Love the outfit and the pic of the purse on the tree! super cute.
Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

what a lovely post. its good to stop and reflect sometimes! i have been a busy bee lately and it would be good for me to put down the computer and spend some quality time with the bf. WISH we could go outside for a long walk...waiting on spring! happy monday doll! xoxo jcd

krisandkel said...

Being alone helps me reconnect and lay all my thoughts out. Whether its reading a book, cooking, or yes, even cleaning.

Also, let me tell you, these photos are stunning! I can't get enough of your outfit and the backdrop with all the branches :)

<3 kris&kel

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! This shows up just in time, I'm having a little of "I feel ugly" day and been questioning my self all day, thanks for the inspiring words! ... You look stunning in those pictures, love the bag! Thanks for giving me an ease of mind, hope you have a lovely day!


BryanaEllen said...

Beautiful photos, and beautiful post. It is hard to recognize things in life when other stresses get in the way. But if you take the time to outweigh the bad with all the good, it makes you realize you are so blessed. <3

Anna said...

You are soooooooooooooo beautiful. Love your style, your pictures and your blog!
I'm following.
Hope you'll check out my blog and follow me back if you like it.

Megan said...

lovely lovely. i live in j brand..LIVE in them.

Tayrrana (Tay) said...

I am so freaking jealous of your beauty! Can I be your number one fan is that weird? Well too bad! I'm a follower starting now! LOVE this outfitt by the way!
Love, Ty from

Unknown said...

love this shirt x

Hayley said...

Love the bangles.
Through my faith I have found my happiness is based on something inside of me. my joy is no longer dependent on outside circumstances.

Ramsey said...

Gasp girl! Gorgeous again! Love that sun....send me some...K?

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

watching my kids play. I love the shirt. every women needs a little leopard print. I can't believe it's from Old Navy

Marie-Eve said...

Loooooove that shirt. Love the outfit. You've got great style girl.

Diana Smith said...

Wow these photos are amazing, plus you are such a great model! I love the leopard print pattern! Looks great on you!

Lindsay Living said...

That's a super cute outfit and I have to say your photos are gorgous! Would love to hear more about the equipment and editing software you are using. Lovely!


.dear.jenny. said...

how do you do your hair?! i need to know!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous...nuff said

iammademoiselle said...

Love your style!! Amazing pictures<3

Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we can follow each other if you like?


Anonymous said...

All of your photos are so lovely !
And your blog design is great by the way! :) x

nesha said...

wow, you look stunning! i love the desert vibe about it all!


just the two of us! said...

You're gorgeous! Love this outfit!

Gentri said...

So excited you posted on the shine project so I could find your blog! Love it! I'm your newest follower! :D


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