February 22, 2011

Photo Editing Technique

Jeans: JBrand; Knit Shirt: Marc Jacobs: Cardi: Patterson J. Kincaid Originals; Belt: Ralph Lauren; Purse: Vintage; Shoes: Marc Fisher; Bracelets: Forever21
Hey guys!  And a happy Tuesday to you!  I'd like to share one of the photo editing tricks I use in Adobe Elements and Adobe Photoshop with all of you. One very popular vintage technique to add to your photographs involves adding a navy blue color fill layer and setting that layer to the "Exclusion" blending mode.
So let's get started:
  1. Open the image to be edited.
  2. Adjust the lighting with the levels toolbar.
  3. Add a solid color layer by going to the top of the tool bar.  Select layer-New Fill Layer-Solid Color.
  4. The color picker window will pop up.  Pick a dark navy blue color.  I use hex#70144, which is very close to black.  However, feel free to chose your own custom color.  Your image will now be completely dark navy blue.
  5. Now, set the color fill layer to "exclusion" and adjust the opacity.  In the image above, I set the opacity to 60, but many times, I will keep it at 100.  Leaving the opacity at 100 will give your photos a strong yellowing effect.  Just play around with it and adjust the intensity to your liking.
  6. I then wanted to beef up the whites, so I added a new color fill, using steps #3 and 4, and set the color picker to hex#cccc99.  I then set this layer to soft light with an opacity of 50.
  7. After that, under the layer tab, I selected, New Adjustment Layers-Levels and played around with the color gradients, particularly, moving the dark left hand triangle to the right to add more depth.
  8. Last, I flattened the layers and saved the image in JPEG format.
Hope this was helpful.  It's really simple to do and can greatly enhance your digital images.  Play around with it, and develop a method and colors that work best for you!


Elle said...

Love this post KT, your so generous with your info on how to become as FAB as you :) Instead of "excluding" navy, you can go into curves, press command + 5 and select the midle pf the "curve " and drag down until you like what you see. Basically subtracting blue and adding yellow tones. To add contrast to this, add an unsharp mask filter and bam! :)

love, live & wear

xo, L

Unknown said...

Oh you are the best Lauren!! Thanks for sharing!! Sounds so much easier.

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing x

Hayley said...

thanks so much for the info!! and i love those jeans! so fabulous, as always!

6roove said...

love your outfit!

Liesl said...

Very fun! I just love playing with actions in Photoshop and creating fun effects to pictures...looks great!

Liesl :)

Anna Walker said...

Nice job! I love the photo-editing process and you seem to be pro at editing photos! :)
Practice makes perfect right?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Now if only I had photoshop...

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

thanks for this, cute face. ;]

janel said...

Thanks for sharing! I love your photo's! I just started learning Photoshop. I'm going to try this out...


Rissy said...

I want photoshop quite badly... maybe if I'm a good girl for the next 10 months Santa will give it to me lol


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

great tips! i have photoshop at work so ill have to give this a try ;) xoox jcd :: cornflake dreams

krisandkel said...

I use this same technique on some of my photos and it does absolute wonders! That was a great idea to share :)

<3 kris&kel

Anonymous said...

I use an action, but I like this idea too!! thank you! :)

Ashley J said...

Boo, the picture turned out so beautiful....I am sad that I don't have Photoshop!

Alisha said...

I'm saving this post!! Thanks for the editing tips. :)

Cassandra said...

Love this! I will definitely file it away for when I get Photoshop in the future. (I used to have it - or well, my parents have it - and I definitely miss it.)

the chirpy bird said...

I mean.... be radder.
xx tash

Lena said...

Have you tried Picnik.com? The Cross Process effect is very similar to what you did with photoshop (and it's free).

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Constance said...

Amazing jeans! x

Katie Kinsley said...

I use the Cross Process effect in Picnik and get the exact same effect.

Kat Skull

Bailey Schneider said...

Your generosity is just such a beautiful quality and I hope you know it's very appreciated

Rachel said...

Love your blog! Can you follow me too on google friend connect and bloglovin? I would greatly appreciate it!

Follow me please

Erin Willett said...

Have you ever used picnik? That's what I use and I was wondering if I could get a similar effect with it?

Sophie said...

this is awesome! i need to get onto adobe elements! i really want it. at the moment i am using picasa and picnik which i love and they make great adjustments, but i just need a little bit extra. you look gorgeous as per usual xx

MARY said...

Thanx 4 the tips....=D

lingering daydreams said...

Awesome tips, they make a huge difference! Thanks!

Ginger Tea said...

I love your blog!!!

Pls check mine and tell me what you think:

christie said...

WOW - makes a huge difference! Now I wish I had photoshop (boohoo).

Meg said...

The '70s jeans are gorgeous!I follow u babe,if u like,follow me back on http://themissidea.blogspot.com/!

Gertrude said...

Thanks for the tips! By the way, I gave you a couple of awards :) x

Ashley Arnold said...

1. Love your blog - I'm a new follower.
2. You have some awesome tips - thanks for sharing.
3. I found you because of your hilarious comment on Megan's blog - why she should come back to the US... Excited to read more of your blog!

Ayan said...

love your style!!! and tnx for this editing tip! is there anything else you do with your raw pix?

Kileen said...

thanks so much for sharing this tip! i'm definitely bookmarking this one!

cute and little

Finley said...

Great tips! I can't wait to try it out! Found your blog through Sparkling Footsteps and so glad I did! Your pictures are beautiful and I'm so jelly of your hair. :)

Finley :: Mommy Chic

Brooklynn said...

just happened upon your blog and I love it. your tips are so helpful and friendly! thanks for sharing.

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