February 15, 2011


Skirt: Green from Macys; Shirt: Old Navy; Shoes: Steve Madden; Belt: Target; Earings: Vintage; Bracelets: Various: Bead Ring: Made my Me; Vintage Spoon Ring; Sunglasses: Tory Burch; Purse: Gucci
Woke up this morning and wasn't ready to start the day.  So I squished my toes against my hubby's, stayed in bed, and battled the clock.  Time won, it always does.  Feeling defeated, I wiggled my toosh out of bed, and literally sat in my closet, for like an hour.  Ever do this?  You know - a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.   So I pondered.  I rummaged.  Threw something on.  Fiddled with it.  Threw something off.  And continued to battle the clock.  Frustrated, I looked in the very back of my closet, under a pile clothes, and pulled out this old skirt I've owned since my high school days.  I swear, she whispered, "Wear me, just like you used to on those hot summer days.  You loved me so much.  But you moved on to those skanky minis and those stiff high-waisted pencils."  I told my boho skirt that she was being jealous, but, agreed to old times.  I'd simply update her to something still laid back, just more pulled together.  It's great when you can find something old just lying around and reinvent it in a way you never thought.  Pulled it up to my waist, cinched it with a belt, threw on some college heels and walked out the door.  And honestly, after all that deliberation, I feel pretty good about it.  So with that, I stick my nose at the clock and claim my victory.


Ilanka Verhoeven said...

Nice photos
x fashionnerdic

Elle said...

love it! is that a jean shirt?

love, live & wear

xoxo, L

Sophie said...

haha i love this post! i know exactly what you mean about battling the clock! so good you won! i really do, time always beats me! AND i love it when you find old hidden gems! always makes me happy! you look gorgeous. i just found your blog and i am loving it. i am a new follower x

Sophie said...

*i meant rarely do, beat time haha! x

Andrea said...

love the hair!

Lisa said...

ugh you're so gorgeous it kills me!!

we're bag twins i have the same gucci purse :)

Erin Willett said...

I hate not being able to pick out an outfit and the clock is ticking away at you!

visit heyrecklessmind.blogspot.com

Ania B said...

love your layout, great blog <3


Rissy said...

great outfit... it's all great from the shoes to the sunglasses.

I wish my clothes would talk to me, but I think all they'd say is "quit ignoring us for your yoga pants"

I'm wearing so much spandex right now it's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

You are stunning! Great outfit as well =) xo

Megan said...

pretty sure you could rock jelly sandals and still look cute.

The Pretty Life Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! You could wear a garbage bag with a belt and look totally fab. Not fair!

leigh ann said...

I totally feel the same way MUCH too often. You have such LOVELY posture, I must add.
<3 leigh

Diana Smith said...

WOW you look amazing! I love your style its soo pretty and chic!

The Smith Circle

Lauren Caldwell said...

What a cute post! I love the skirt! There are so many things that I wish I'd kept from college & high school! :)

Lauren @ tickled.

Lilly Style said...

Such a great chic outfit. You look like a model in these pictures (in all of your photos really).

I waste so much time in the morning staring at my closet not knowing what to wear. :)

Kathryn said...

You pulled off that skirt so nicely! I agree, when you find something that you can reinvent it's a wonderful feeling :)

Katie said...

Absolutely love the high hair-do. It looks great on you!

Linley said...

ah, the dreaded, daily clock battle. you're right, it does always win. such a bummer! but you definitely won in the cute outfit battle! love this easy-going boho look! looks perfect for a gorgeous day!

STEPH J said...

oh i know exactly what you're talking about! my closet is so full that i have trouble taking clothes out and putting clothes back, but i still cannot find the right clothes to put on some days!

i, too, love digging into the deepest recesses of my closet and finding a gem that i haven't worn for years, but am able to once again (:

♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Closet full of closet, and nothing to wear is the story of my life! ... Loved the outfit, for a hard to dress day, you did a great job! I usually end up wearing black pants and white tee with flats! ... Loved the bag, kinda jealous!


Irina said...

hi there! i just came across your blog and i fell in love with it! i love your style!!! come check out my blog and follow if you like it, i promise i will do the same!

Kileen said...

i love your outfit!! you look so tall and elegant in these pictures. that skirt is simply fabulous.

cute and little

Bailey Schneider said...

It is so true! So many clothes and nothing to wear... Isn't that always the case when you don't have time to waste?
This happens to me all the time, especially when running late. Murphys Law of Fashion!
Love the Boho Skirt x

alexandra grecco said...

love those colors!



Anonymous said...

i have a closet full of clothes & nothing to wear too!

Alisha said...

Victory indeed! Love this outfit and as always, great shots!! :)

Jardin de la Mode said...

You look absolutely stunning! You're sooo pretty!

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