March 11, 2011

Dandelion Wishes

Some people don't make wishes.  Forget the birthday candles.  Forget shooting stars.  Forget 11:11.  Forget throwing a penny into a fountain.  
To some, wishes might seem nonsensical; a passive action to a purposeful life.  Why wish, when you have the power within yourself to make all possibilities, hopes and dreams come true?  Are we too old to believe in fairy tales?  
I don't know, maybe it's the little girl within me that leaps for joy when I stumble upon a dandelion.  Feeling uninhibited, I lay down in the cool grass, pick it's long stem and ponder what wish I may grant this beautiful weed flower, as I hold it delicately between my fingers.  Once my head and my heart have aligned, I blissfully watch all of its seeds parachute into the wind as I blow it a kiss, and make my wish.
I know only I have the power to create my own destiny.  But I also make wishes.  Because you never know when the Universe is listening.  And when it is, I want the Universe to know exactly what I have in store for it. 

Happy Friday Everyone.


Rissy said...

I love this. I used to wish upon a dandelion every time I saw one... and now my older, jaded self has forsaken them! Well no more... next time a dandelion crosses my path a wish will be made!


Unknown said...

ah i make wishes on every eyelash! you have to believe in something, so why not believe all of your wishes will come true ? :)

<3 steffy

A said...

Beautiful photos! I think being able to wish, even after having faced harsh realities of life is a true gift. Never let that go!
I make a wish on so many things, 11:11, even the eyelash thing mentioned by Steffy above ;)
It is believing in what you do that acutally makes it come true.
Your post reminded me of a quote I used to hear in Germany "Der Glaube kann Berge versetzen" trans. "Faith can move mountains."
I really think that making a wish and having faith in it can give us strength to make anything happen.

Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post & beautiful photos! I love making wishes. Dandelions are so simple & pretty.

Have a great weekend!

melissa @champagne wishes.

Katie in Colors said...

Such a sweet post! I, too, adore dandelions!

Happy weekend!

Jeannette said...

awesome photos, and you are a GREAT writer, i love the way you use words, very captivating. have you ever thought about writing a book or something??

katou said...

This post is really inspiring thak you we have to get our sensitive soul back :)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

what a lovely post :) happy friday and keep on wishing :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Bailey Schneider said...

Beautiful pictures!

It doesn't matter how old we are, we should never give up our dreams and wishes even when they seem unreachable or when you've had a's about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and trying again!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty post! Love dandelions, everytime I see one can't help but blow it princess Belle style! ... I might be in my twenties but still want to believe in wishes and magic, and dreams coming true! Have a lovely friday doll!

<3 Cess O.

Diana Smith said...

haha I do that too! 11:11 is a magical time or even 12:34 haha weird!

Unknown said...

So sweet and kind!Thanks!
Have a great weekend! beijos

Mandy said...

today is my niece's 11:11 i wished for her to have a fantastic day. one I truly hope comes true!

Molly S. said...

I love this. And dandelions. I refuse to belive they are weeds :) What a great post to end the week!

christine donee said...

I love this! I wish on fallen eyelashes ALL the time. And not just any wish, I take a second to really think of what I truly want said universe to know...because you're right, you never know!


Unknown said...

amazing photo of you.

Rachael said...

I think we do have the power to make our own wishes! Especially considering that,for me, every wish I make is something I can make happen. But it is nice sometimes to make a wish and believe in the magic in it.

Sabrina Says Blog said...

I love the new button! I definitely need to make one!

I love how you said "I want the Universe to know exactly what I have in store for it. " So lovely that you're not leaving it up to chance or luck, that you fully intend to make your wish come true. So inspirational!

Have a great weekend!

Sabrina Says

Carrie said...

That's so sweet!

Happy Friday to you!

Style of a tootsy pop

Ira said...

cool post!!!
amazing pics!!! :)

Hayley said...

gorgeous photo!


Emily said...

What lovely pictures! I make a wish whenever I can - especially when it's my birthday on the clock (4:22...taurus, what what!)!


Whim Wham Life said...

I'm a dreamer and a wish-er:-) For sure. Beautiful photo girl, you are rocking those aviators! xoxo

Fitness Freak said...

Brings out the best from us, whenever we let ourselves go free with out any restrictions and hassles of the day to day life.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute post! My sister and I used to call dandelions "birthday flowers" and make wishes too. Such good memories!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Inna xoxo said...

LOVE the glasses :)
xoxo Inna :)

Gentri said...

Absolutely beautiful post!! :) I love wishing. Stars, dandelions, birthday candles, whatever I can wish on, I will. And how cute and perfect is that picture of you making your wish?? So cute!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post - so inspiring! Happy Friday you too :)

Alisha said...

What a sweet and sincere post. I love the last line, "And when it is, I want the Universe to know exactly what I have in store for it." Simply beautiful.

As a kid, I always wished on dandelions, stars, birthday candles. It was that momentous occasion where you think of one thing, and one thing only, and wish it to life!! :)

Daisy said...

Cute post! Love your sunnies as well.

Daisy Lynns Life&Style

Hayley said...

Such an adorable post! I wish on shooting stars when I see them, but most of the time I just pray.
Your lipstick is amazing? mind sharing the brand/shade?

Rissy said...

just added your button!

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