March 7, 2011

This H&M Blazer

Blazer and Purse: H&M; Shirt: BCBGeneration; Jeans: FreePeople; Shoes: Steve Madden; Necklace: Francescas
Little story behind this blazer.  My dear friend Anne (who's name is pronounced Ann-ie) and I grabbed dinner together a while back and did a little shopping at H&M.  I tried this blazer on, fell in love with it, and expressed my infatuation to Anne.  But, (sigh) it carried a $50 price tag that wasn't in my budget for the month, so reluctantly, we parted ways.  Yet, the memory of the jacket layered over a breezy tee never left me.  I went back to look for that teracotta blazer a few days later, but just like the wind, it was gone.  I knew I would never see it again.
Fast forward to last Thursday for Anne's wedding rehearsal.  Friends and family gathered for dinner and Anne handed out gifts to all six of her bridesmaids.  I received three packages.  (Yes, it felt like my birthday).  And guess what was in one of them?  This blazer!  My jaw literally dropped and I screamed, "Get out of town!  Get. Out. of TOWN!!!"  I couldn't believe she had gone back to buy it for little old me, for an event that was still a couple months off.  I mean, come on!  How incredibly thoughtful is she!?  And not only did she rock my world with it, but she also spoiled me with beautiful jewelry, a candle from Anthropologie and makeup from Victoria's Secret.  And all because I had the honor of standing next to her on her special day.  So, today, I dedicate this post to my beyond beautiful, thoughtful, generous and amazing friend Anne who is out cruising the world with her new and equally awesome husband.  So, let's all wish them safe travels, a happy honeymoon and a beautiful life together.  And as for me, I'll be soaking up the Arizona scenery, inspired by love and enjoying my new threads!   

And just so you have a more formal idea of who they are, here are a couple pics I captured of the couple on their big day!  Truly, I've never seen two happier people.
(And I don't know what they're wearing.  Even though I helped the bride pick it out.)


Rachael said...

That's really nice of your friend Anne!
Thoughtful friends are the best!
Love her wedding dress! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

a)your hair looks awesome! love the blazer look, and b) your friends dress is breath taking! ... Bride and groom look so in love, good luck for them!

<3 Cess O.

Gertrude said...

I saw that blazer as well!! And I really wanted to buy it but was a bit expensive for me! So sweet of your friend! And her wedding dress is gorgeous x

Martina Lynne :: The Life Academic said...

Everything about this story delights me: the happy, glowing, gorgeous couple; the kindness of your friend (who obviously really knows and cares for you); the sunny, warm-looking shots; and the beautiful ensemble, of course. You're making me feel very positive about this whole day.

Diana Smith said...

WOW what a thoughtful gift!! I hate it when you see something at the store, its out of your budget and you go back its not there! She is awesome for getting you that!

Gingham & Grace said...

That blazer is beautiful! I love the outfit! I am however quite envious of your warm weather while I freeze in the snow :(

Anonymous said...

friends are the most wonderful gifts god can give us and it looks like you got a great one!

Anonymous said...

oh and stop making me want to go to H&M...that is all...

Kileen said...

what a super sweet friend!! i love the look of this blazer on you and your friend's wedding dress looks beautiful too!

cute and little

Unknown said...

omg what a sweet friend you have!!! that is so adorable, and she looks great on her wedding day!! the blazer is fantastic and i especially love the jeans!!

<3 steffy

Alisha said...

How awesome is that?!! Genuine friends are the absolute greatest gift EVER. :) Congrats to the newlyweds!!

Nanina said...

Yay they look really happy! Congratulations :-) And how nice of her to buy the blazer for you. It looks so great on you, no wonder you wanted it! I hope to find a blazer like that someday... In the exact color of your bag there. LOL! Did I mention I'm a very picky shopper? ^^

Leah said...

BEAUTIFUL couple!! What an adorable blazer and thoughtful gift.

Rissy said...

you look like you are straight off a movie set everyday.

I showed my Aunt a picture of a guy who I am crushing on badly, and her response was "he should be on tv." That's how I feel about you (in a completely normal bloggy crush kinda day. right?)

I can't believe she did that for you! How incredibly sweet, and they look so happy and gorgeous together!

Brooke T said...

Gorgeous couple and oh my goodness that's so sweet of her!! She's a great friend!

Megan said...

now that is a GOOD friend. I LIVE for blazers..LIVE for them.

Laura said...

Aw sweet friend! I see why you love your blazer so much, too! Her dress is STUNNING!

Ash said...

What a great friend! I love her wedding pics, they look cute together :)

Unknown said...

Love your hair and smile.
really nice colour of the outfit!

x Je suis Sophie

Steph said...

Beautiful pictures. For some reason you remind me of Gisele B√ľndchen in these pictures ;).

SAMANTHA said...

what a CUTE little story, almost teared up, awe, i ADORE friendships like this :)

Beverly said...

Anne is so beautiful and congrats to her and her hubby. And you... I love your outfit! what a nice friend you have for spoiling you like that.. lucky!

Anonymous said...

OMG! She is just as gorgeous on the outside as I'm sure she is on the inside :) WOW! Great friends are hard to find. Beautiful blazer!

Elle said...

Friends are so this story! And love this blazer! Perfect for over a "breezy tee" hehe
love, live & wear
xo, L

ginger said...

A blazer is a blazer, but a blazer with a great story attached to it...wonderful.

Love the color and cut. Your friend Anne looks stunning.

Hannah said...

I actually saw a girl wearing that blazer this weekend. It was so cute that I asked her where she got it!

Your friend looks so beautiful!

Gentri said...

What an awesome friend you have (and she looks so beautiful for her special day!)!! I love the blazer and it looks so great on you! :)

Madison said...

Katie, I can't even begin to tell you how much you make my days. I have commented on your blog before, but I definitely think I'm your biggest fan. I've told you in previous comments that I JUST started reading blogs, and yours is definitely my favorite. Up until now, I didn't see the point. YOU have inspired me so much with MY "daily threads" (I'm a college senior, and I now take time to get dressed in the morning and walk confidently to class!) that I have begin to notice what people are wearing (in a healthy way) and complementing them on their extraordinary fashion pieces! You are so beautiful, Katie! Inside and out... one of your friends attested that they went to high school with you and that you really are as genuine as you appear :) I know how long blogging must take you - especially your self photography, which is one of my favorite aspects of Running On Happiness. Last night (well, this AM) I was up until 5:30 AM, so I made my own blog: Schlepper Chic. This is an extremely busy time of the academic year for me, especially since it is my last year of undergrad at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I do not have time to work on it now, but you have inspired me to create my own personal blog space, and when I have time to start taking it seriously, I hope you check it out!

Thank you for making my days brighter,
<3 Madison

katou said...

Your pictures are just amazing i love them and that blazer is awesome you have an incredible friend she's a KEEPER!!!
And by the way when they go back please tell them that they are suuuuuper cute and the bride is simply stunning they will have beautiful babies I tell ya :)

Jade Berry. said...

love the blazer! good find.. please check out my blog..

mj said...

I love your shoes. and your friend's dress is really beautiful. Good one on helping her choose it out.

Lindsay said...

Number 1 - I love the blazer. What an awesome friend!! And you styled it perfectly (as always). lol I love the turquoise necklace contrasting against the rest of the outfit.

They are such a beautiful couple :)

And lastly, I loved Madison's comment! How sweet is she!!?? I'm headed over to go check out her blog now :)

Hayley said...

HAPPY HONEYMOONING ANNE! youre beautiful!!

and katie: I am so jealous of you and your h&m goodies. we have none near us and they tease us with the commercials. but Im glad if I cant have all of their adorableness, that an awesome girl like you is enjoying it!

Kelly said...

That blazer is amazing. I love the colour.
Very cute story :)

MARY said...


Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Wow, what an amazing present. It looks wonderful on you.

Anonymous said...

1) your hair looks amazing today! Like a VS Angel! Can you put up a tutorial or let me know what product you used?

2) The blazer looks great, your friend is a sweetheart!

3) Congrats to your friend!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Erin Willett said...

Love this outfit! You can mail it to me, k thanks. :P

Brittany-Trends250 said...

i can't believe how nice your friend is! it's a cute blazer & i love how you put it with this outfit!

Cassandra said...

How sweet! That blazer looks amazing on you! I love the color.

And your friend's wedding dress is gorgeous! Love the layered bottom.

allie said...

oh my gosh... love love love that blazer, the colour is amazing and of course looks amazing on you!! congrats to your friends and im glad you shared what she got you... ive picked up a couple of things for my bridesmaids but want to be original and hearing what she got you shows you can really get anything! love it! what did you get for your bridesmaids?

xo, allie

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

What a beautiful couple! Their happiness can truly be seen just from these two shots.

I saw this blazer at H&M a few weeks back and am still regretting that I didn't buy it. Love the way you styled it down with a T and some jeans.


Veronika Novotny said...

Hello, love! I am here for my daily dose of fabulous fashion inspiration, and this outfit is gorgeous. Loving the necklace + shoes, great touch! AND your friend is such a sweety, how thoughtful of her to get you that blazer, such a gorgeous & happy couple, aww! Have a great week. xx veronika

C said...

What a lovely story! And I looooove the blazer!
The color is beautiful!

Sonia said...

What a great friend and a good looking couple! I am knee-deep in wedding season and can only hope to be as lucky... the blazer and turq necklace combo looks fab.

Bronzed Humanity said...

Gorgeous couple and congrats! Love that blazer...i had to have it also! H&M rocks!

Hot Pink Day

Liesl said...

Don't you just love H&M!!! You look lovely and I adore your jacket, bag and FABULOUS!

Liesl :)

Natalie said...

Hey Katie! LOVE the blazer, necklace, the effortless cool of your vibe here! Perfection in an outfit! OXO Nat

Carolina said...

Aaaahhh your friend is so nice! What a lovely gift! I'm always in love with your photos, which photo camera do you use?


amazing blazer, i love the color, perfect for spring but is also a classic so realyl can be an option year round!

great images,


-love your blog would you like to follow each other?

Unknown said...

Oh golly gee - so gorgeous! Love that blazer and your hair color! Looks amazing!!


Daisy said...

You are stunning!!!!

see this Daisylynns life&style

Your tutorial a couple pages back taught me how to do it. THANKS!!!!!

Unknown said...

Awe Katie I LOVE this!! I saw the most recent post first with the pink blazer and read this in the airport coming back from our honeymoon! I loved getting you this jacket, only you can pull it off like this! Thank you for being my bridesmaid, you are stunning and classy as usual! I love you!

PS remind me to tell you a story about the Newlywed game we were on for the cruise, you were mentioned ... ;)

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