March 16, 2011

Win This Necklace - Closed.

Hello my beautiful flowers!  Isn't this necklace absolutely romantic and whimsical?  This handcrafted n"Alana" necklace by Rachelle D is adorned with a golden brass swallow, acrylic coral flower and natural turquoise, it is like wearing a garden on your neck!  Can you just see yourself wearing it with a flowy top, skirt, and nude heels?  The bold but sweet coral and turquoise color combination is perfect for spring.  Don't fall in love with it yet.  OK do!  This necklace can only go to one lucky winner.  However, there are many more where it came from.  To enter the giveaway, visit Rachelle D's etsy shop and leave a comment below telling me which item you like most!  Then, "Like" Running on Happiness on Facebook!  OK, so go ahead.  You only have until March 31st to enter!  The winner will be randomly selected on April 1st.  Good luck!

And the winner is...... Lacy  from Girls Gone Blogging!  Congrats on your new RachelleD necklace!  Thanks to all who participated!



Nicole said...

Oh...I love the Astrid...that green is perfect! I can't like you on Facebook though, because I gave it up for Lent...argh. Oh well...great shop, I will be sending a link to the hubs as a birthday hint!

megmarie41286 said...

Hi! Wow - thanks for introducing me to this amazing shop. I love EVERYTHING! I really like the colors she uses, especially in the Latte Woodlands necklace.

Thanks for hosting!

Anna Walker said...

I LOVE the Jenah and the Parisian Romantique! Everything in the shop is great! :)
I'll be liking you on FB shortly!

Andrea Neudorf said...

i LIKE THE PRETTY IN PINK OWLET, Soo CUTE! I like you on fb:)

michelle said...

Oh, that is too hard! Sweet Ashley is very pretty! I really love them all!

va said...

i like this

tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

va said...

liked you on fb / ana amanti
tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

Ash said...

OMG! No serious OMG! Please just pick me now for that necklace! Those are my favorite colors! Alana (the one you have pictured) is my favorite but then I also really love Mindy cuz yellow and grey also makes my heart melt. Oh and did you see the Klara Lariat necklace? To die for.

Pick me! Please? With a cherry on top?

The Powder Room

kileen said...

my fave is the Sunrise Kiss necklace. so pretty!

and i liked you on FB!


Emma G said...

These are beautiful!

Garden A La Amelia is probably my fav though.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ooooh this is too cute! I super love Waverly Bliss

Anonymous said...

Love the In Tropic Bliss necklace!!! Liked you on Facebook :)

Sarah Bear =] said...

I absolutely ADORE the Sweet Blue Birdie Gardens Necklace. I also LIKED you on facebook :) xx

Lacey said...

I love everything! If I had to pick one it would be the Poppy Amore

Angela Carder said...

Everything is gorgeous! Besides the one posted, I am going to have to say "Mindy".

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

oo such a pretty necklace! i also really like the poppy chic coral :) xoxo jcd

doroffee said...

I love Cady Romantique!

Kassie said...

I love the Garden A La Amelia!

But there are so many good ones to choose from!

Kassie said...

liked you on facebook!

Steph said...

I love the Astrid necklace. The green and blue is lovely, and the flower has such a nice shape!

Carla McCarthy said...

I love the sweet Blue birdie gardens! That's lovely! I hope i can win!
Following you! Liked your facebook page! :) beijos

Rachel said...

I like the Kloe, Vibrant Lisa, and Lucy!!

Rachel said...

I also "like" you on Facebook!!

Sugar Butter Baby said...

I love love love all the owl necklaces!! Especially the colorful Floridian Owlet necklace... plus free earrings?!?! great deal :)

Mindy Webb said...

What gorgeous jewelry! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway. I love the Mindy necklace because what girl wouldn't want a necklace named after her?! xo, Mindy

Laura said...

This is such a pretty necklace and a perfect spring accessory! I am following on facebook now and I think my fav. item is the Poppy Amore necklace. Very similar to this one!

Megan said...

holy cow batman. i have never seen her shop and now i am officially OBSESSED with seriously every piece. but if choosing, ill just randomly pick the evelyn necklace..but seriously they are all top contenders.

pick me pick me.

just the two of us! said...

okay i love her store! my favorite is the penelope necklace! headed to facebook to "like" your page!

jessie said...

i love the one you have in the picture! turquoise is my favvv! and i already like you on facebook :)

Christi said...

There are so many that I like, it was hard to choose! I love the Poppy Chic in coral the most. The necklace you are giving away would go great with a plain T as well! (I already "like" your page)

Christi and Dillan Zweygardt said...

Sorry if this comes up twice, I can't see my first comment.
There are so many that I like, it was hard to choose! I love the Poppy Chic in coral the most. The necklace you are giving away would go great with a plain T as well! (I already "like" your page)

leigh said...

"Something Blue," for sure. All of her stuff is super cute & playful -- I love it!
<3 leigh

Jello said...

ah man... really? i have to chose what i like best? that's difficult.. i really like everything she has... thanks for sharing her: i think i may i found a new love.

L said...

I love everything! But the jaded rose necklace is seriously gorgeous.

Faith said...

oooh absolutely dig the Astrid necklace! everything on her site is stunning!

Jules said...

The sherbet beauty is gorgeous! I like you on facebook


Kallie said...

I love the astrid!!

Anonymous said...

honestly, i LOVE the one shown, Alana (Coral flower)!!!!! it's amazingly beautiful, just the right colors, just the right perfectness!! :)

- j. babb

jen said...

i love the penelope, how beautiful!

MG said...

Totally the poppy beauty. My favorite flower!

Siera Josephine said...

its a tie between astrid or sweet ashley. they are all so beautiful!

melissa said...

I love your blog & you are so beautiful! New follower! I love that necklace, want! xo

ashley b said...

The Sadie In Elegance is absolutly beautiful! so classy. I'm so happy I discovered your blog

hopephipps said...

oh, i love the Alana (Coral flower) necklace. which i think is the one you have pictured. but I absolutely LOVE IT!


I'm loving the Arden necklace, love that shade of olive green. AND I've liked you on facebook too. xx veronika

The Turley's said...

they're all pretty much fantastic but I do love the Klara Lariat. I'm a sucker for gold jewelry right now


Brittany-Trends250 said...

i love her stuff! she is incredibily talented! i love the poppy amore & the alana (coral) necklace. sooo cute! what a great giveaway!!


Sabrina Mallah said...

Hey Jewelry is SO reasonably priced! It's all so beautiful! Even if I don't win, I'll definitely be buying one of these pieces! I love the Penelope and the "Key to my Heart" Necklaces. Thanks for the giveaway!!

P.s. I liked you on FB!

Sabrina Says

silvia Navarro said...

this is so cute....=)

Rebecca said...

I love this necklace...
so elegant! And I like you on Facebook!

Tara said...

So many cute ones! Love Alana, Arden and Elegant Isadora

kristen said...

They are all so pretty! i really like the alana coral that you have posted!

BryanaEllen said...

Oh my goodness, I am in love with this....swallows are my most favorite. It's gorgeous. <3

Susan said...


April Cheung said...

I love the watermelon twist necklace.


Leigh said...

THis is very pretty!

I love The Mercedes necklace!

liamsamuel @

Anonymous said...

love the sweet ashley

Tam said...

All her necklaces are just lovely, but I really liked the feeling I got from looking at the Cancun Escapade necklace :-)

Tam said...

I like Running on Happiness on Facebook via Tamanisha John

Emily said...

Oh I love the latte necklace! Great giveaway!!

tanaka taro said...

I love "Alice"!
It's very simple and pretty.

tanaka taro said...

I have liked you on Facebook!

monapete said...

I love the Romanticism Bliss necklace

monacart32 at hotmail dot com

monapete said...

Like" Running on Happiness on Facebook

monacart32 at hotmail dot com

Alyssa said...

I love the Sunrise Kiss

alyssa_hammond7 at yahoo dot com

Alyssa said...

I liked running on hapiness on facebook.

alyssa_hammond7 at yahoo dot com

Mer said...

thanks for the opportunity! Meredith dot Targarona at Gmail dot com

Jacqueline said...

the alana yellow flower is my favorite!

lexacd said...

My favorite item is the Romanticism Elegance Necklace!

I "like" Running on Happiness on Facebook under Alexandra D.

alexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

Jingle said...

I really love the Tangerine Owlet Necklace!!!!
jinglesells at gmail dot com

Kathy Detweiler said...

I love the Arden necklace found here!

Kathy Detweiler said...

"Liked" Running on Happiness on Facebook
Facebook name Kathy Detweiler

Laura said...

Oooh, this one! I like how it's all white.....

laurabostwick at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I really like the Cady Romantique necklace! amo11314 (at)

Alisha said...

I love the beautiful pink and key lime Alysha necklace, although you might think I like it because it's close to my name… ;)

Annie Dee said...

All the necklaces are beautiful, but this one is my favorite ~

Nicole said...

I love love the one you have posted but they all are SUPER cute!! :)

AmbreRose said...

I love the colors in the Vadamerca. And I also like the old fashioned look of the Arden. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

love the cady romantique and like you on fb!
hancoci_s at msn dot com

Camille @ NeverNaked said...

I love the poppy amour!! Great giveaway!

_kArLy[*] said...

oh my! that cady romantique is BEAUTIFUL! love love! :]

_kArLy[*] said...

ohhh. facebook follow-a!

Amanda said...

I love the pink owl one!! I'm really loving owls right now.

And I "liked" you on FB

JennaMarie Photography said...

love the Arden Necklace! and I already like you on Facebook!!

Susan said...

Hi! I am pretty new to your blog, but I already love it!! I am a huge fan of the penelope necklace and think it would be such a great spring/summer necklace that you could wear to brighten up many outfits. I hope I win!!!

Karen said...

Wow, great combinations of colors. I like "romantic in gray" and "tropical escape."

karen dot erkert at gmail dot com

Mandee said...

I love the sharmila (dark grey) necklace.

Mandee said...

I liked your facebook page:
mandee riemer

SoWarm said...

Tealicious! I loved so many of them, but this white green combination really intrigued me. (at)

LuLu said...

I want, I want! I've been dying for a statement necklace and this is so cute! My favorite is the sweet mint one! but I also love this coral one!

Stop by my blog for another Etsy Givaway I have going on. :)

LuLu said...

Oh yah! I liked you on Facebook too! Thanks for the giveaway!

Jessica said...

Peridot is my birthstone so I have a soft spot in my heart for her Peridot Florista necklace! I'd be verrrryyyy happy with the one you're giving away though :))

Kandice said...

there's no chance i'm going to get this but i somehow only just saw this today on the sidebar as i was visiting your blog and I FELL IN LOVE. i visited her shop but i've gotta say, this necklace is what drew me in. those are my favorite colors and the quality looks great so THAT, that is my favorite piece.

carla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carla said...

Hey Girl!!
I'm loving your blog...

I love the Alana (Coral flower) the one that you are giving away, the colors are beautiful and the other one is the Romanticism Woodlands....
RachelleD is very talented :)


Heathery said...

I love the Garden a la Amelia necklace!

Kaley said...

Ohhh, what a fun giveaway!! The RachelleD collection is beautiful. It was hard to choose, but I think Tropical Sunrise is my favorite...I just love orange and that aqua blue together. Thank you for highlighting this collection! Keep up the great blogging, it's so fun to read :)

Sydney said...

I love her shop! If I would to purchase anything, I would certainly purchase this giveaway necklace! "Liked" her as well. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway.

Mdeathstar said...

Thanks for the tip re: this cool shop. The sweet ceinly is my fav!

brigid said...

i LOVE the betsy. liked you on facebook, too. xx

Frances said...

I love the Alana. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sarah B. said...

I like the Natural Alanis necklace best!

sarah at yesteachercrafts dot com

petite hermine said...

My favorite is the Loving the blue and yellow combo!

petite hermine said...

Liked you on Facebook :)

Nenny Do :) said...

yay for last minute people! :)
i love the sailorific white necklace. so awesome for all the nautical trends out this spring!

Anonymous said...

I love the Klara Lariat necklace. LOVE the boho feel.

mim said...

Love the necklace Alice :) Very elegant! Thanks for the chance to win.

Amy said...

Um, there are so many options its hard to choose! But I love Carla, it's so beautiful and springy!

amy day to day

Da Balls said...

Love the Romantic in Turquoise!

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