April 14, 2011

DIY Brows


Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I might have to forward this to my older sister and niece who WAY over-pluck all the time!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

This is so great! My eyebrows always need help!

Holly said...

I've always been envious of ladies w. pretty brows. I'm a natural red head (well strawberry blonde) & mine are so faint. A brow pencil works wonders on me!

Unknown said...

gorgeous! my brows are so light i never pluck em!

<3 steffy
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Gentri said...

THANK you for the great tips! It is time for me to groom my brows and I will be following your post step by step!!

Trissta said...

Haha, I definitely needed this post!! My eyebrows are a mess. Sigh. Would you ever consider doing a Chic Tip for my blog?? www.livingonthechic.com I would LOVE if you'd do one for me.


Kelly said...

Great post! My eyebrows have always been neglected... I've only ever plucked them, but never really trimmed them... I could definitely use these steps! Thanks!


Courtney B said...

Now, if only I could look as gorgeous as YOU! :)

Melody said...

Great post! I always just get my brows threaded, but this will be good for the in between time, since I go like once a month lol

Bre said...

Okay I know this post is about eye brows but I love that your ring and finger nail polish match. Well done!

Amy @ Amy Day to Day said...

Great DIY! I've never trimmed the brows with scissors, I'm too scared. Any tips for what to do when trying to grow your eyebrows thicker? Have you ever done it? Also, what kind of brow shimmer do you use? I would love to know! Thanks!

amy day to day

Lauren said...

Another great "how to"!! I love that you are so open to new topics.


Rissy said...

llooovvvveee this! My brows are getting bushy but I have always been so scared to use scissors on them... I am going to quit being a sissy. I mean I did cut my own hair...


melissa said...

Awesome!!! I need to get a brow brush! Hope you had a great day today! xo

Amanda said...

I like all the steps except; the ones involving scissors and tweezers. Ouch.

Couldn't live without my brush and a bit of highlighter.

GretchTM said...

Nice tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

I have always been much to scared to ever try this myself and end up spending the 8 bucks to get mine done. Maybe one of these days I'll take up some of your tips and try it!



Carolina said...

Will definitely try this at home! My brows need a new life! You are very good at doing DIY posts!


Rach said...

I've been doing my own eyebrows since junior high and use the same technique. Works every time!


California Pretty

Anna said...

love the pictures!

Amanda Blair said...

You are so gorgeous it is not even funny.

This is a great post, I've always been kinda terrified to cut my own brows but you make it look easy. And you have nicely shaped arches, so maybe I should just bite the bullet and try it out!

Rachael said...

Great tips! Me and tweezers...bad things can happen. You're lucky you have thin eyebrows!

Lou said...

Great tip, thank you for sharing. I do love the rings you are wearing thou..


Unknown said...

Love your nail polish! I just bought a color very similar!


Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Thank you for the how-to! I'm trying this out! :)

Erin said...

oh my gosh you make it look so easy!!! i'm almost tempted to try!! (known to overpluck - badly!!!)

Krista Cheatham said...

So helpful! I just learned how to trim my brows with scissors. It's nice to have a full tutorial, though. What kind of brow pencil are you using?

Fownd Love

Cannon said...

Yo! Tried this the other day. Thanks to you my eyebrows are now rockin'.

Also thanks to you--- I can now do this---

Becky of Parlor Talk

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