April 5, 2011

I Wish and I'm Thankful

Shirt and Shorts: Urban Outfitters; Belt: Muse Aparrel; Shoes:  Steve Madden; Purse, Hat and Bracelet: H&M; Earrings and Necklace: Francescas

I wish  I had a virtual closet like the one Cher had in the movie "Clueless."  You know, where hangers revolved and outfits were matched with the click of a button?  Think "Google" for your closet.  Why has this not been invented? 
I'm thankful that technology hasn't completely taken over our lives.  One might wonder what little brain power we have left in the 21st Century if we couldn't even dress ourselves in the mornings. 

I wish I didn't have a ginormous sweet tooth!  I mean, why can't ice cream be as essentially nutrient as something like broccoli?  And why hasn't anyone figured this out yet either?!  I mean come on America!  We put a man on the moon!
I'm thankful that we have such a wide array of food to eat; some essential to our health and some merely  for pure taste-bud pleasure.

I wish I could go on permanent vacation for like, ummm....the rest of my life.  I don't know about you but I have more of the "work to live" mentality rather than the "live to work" mentality.
I'm thankful for my job.  I'm thankful for my job.  I'm thankful for my job.

I wish this perfect 80 degree weather would never leave!  Soon it will be in the hundos and tooshys will be sweating everywhere!!
I'm thankful to be blessed enough with this weather today, no matter how long it lasts.

And I wish you a very happy day.
I'm thankful you took the time to stop by.  Big virtual hug from me to you.

P.S.!!  Next Tuesday, April 12th, I'll be hosting my first ever blog carnival thingy so put together a post of your "I Wish and I'm thankfuls" and link up here next week!!!


Amy @ Amy Day to Day said...

Your legs are a million miles long! So jealous! That top is so pretty! I really enjoyed hearing your wishes and thankfuls. Big virtual hug back atchya!

amy day to day

Unknown said...

oh i love this idea! and yes yes YES about cher's closet. I love that movie.


melissa said...

Adorable outfit! You are beautiful! I am excited for your link up next week! xo

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would love Cher's closet too!! A dream come true!

How are you not a model?! Have you tried out for ANTM?!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Gingham & Grace said...

Oh geez....I always wish for that thing on Clueless...like an inventory system full of photos in my computer of all my clothes! Ah I would love it!

You look beautiful as always!

Young and Fabulous said...

Omg Cher's closet would be amazing...one that just put together outfits for you every day..seriously, why haven't companies created this yet! I'd buy it!

also wishing for a permanant vacation haha retire early!!

love this outfit i think its so cute! do you model!? if not YA SHOULD!


Jenni@Story of My Life said...

You're the sweetest. And the prettiest. Love this!! And that is cleverest outfit. DANGIT.

Sabrina Says Blog said...

Haha I love the "We put a man on the moon, people!"

You look so tan and fabulous in those pics!

I'm excited for the link-up! Definitely going to work on my list!

Sabrina Says

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

what a fantastic idea! ill definatly be linking up :) and im right there with you on the sweets.. so difficult to avoid :) xoxo jcd

C said...

I'm loving the vintage look from head to toe. You look fabulous as always, Katie!

Amen to technology not taking over our lives. I must be the only dinosaur left on this planet who doesn't have a smartphone, lol! And... I will be the last one to give in :)

Gertrude said...

Love the shirt! And thank God that some things are not controlled by technology.

christine donee said...

WHAT?? Cher's closet isn't a real thing??? ARE YOU SERIOUS? ;)

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

you are GORGEOUS! oh my goodness i would do anything for that hair!!! looking forward to linking up on 4/12 which also happens to be my 3 year wedding anniversary! =) I just found your blog and i LOVE it.

the stylish housewife

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful,
I loved it !

Henar ♥

Lauren Caldwell said...

And again ... LOVE your outfit! Don't know how you do it everyday!

I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth too! And right now ... I'm CRAVVVVVING chocolate chip cookie DOUGH! Not even the cookies, just the dough. {sigh}

xo! Lauren @ tickled.

Rissy said...

ooo love that you are linking this! these are amazing posts!

Clueless was the first movie I saw in a theatre and the first movie I loved. I was in kindergarten when I saw it... let's just say I didn't "get it" until I was MUCH older.


lolabarri said...

Love the Clueless reference. I serious have that same thought every time I look in my closet.

The Powder Room

Nicole Marie said...

i want chers closet thing too!!
and i'm obsessed with your shorts!

Elizabeth said...

I love this idea! Can't wait to link up on 4/12!

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit!! You are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your shorts! Too freakin' cute!

Sophie said...

Katie, you look absolutely amazing! i love this outfit and i am totally jealous of your legs haha. and i too wish ice cream was just as healthy for us as broccoli every.single.day!!

hope you had a great day xxx

Anonymous said...

this is such a great link up idea! it's funny, but perfect to remind yourself of staying positive for the little things, too. awesome.

and i am soo guilty of the work to live mentality. i think "at least i have a job" has become my mantra.

Nicole Craven said...

I love this outfit!! i'm now following your blog!


Kat Tanita (With Love From Kat) said...

I love how you put the outfit together!!! Your blog is adorable, following you now!! Follow me and see why my blog is the #2 Up and Coming blog on BlogLovin.com :)


Unknown said...

cute outfit(=


Kelly said...

What a great post.
Not enough people sit back and really appreciate the things they have in their lives. This is such a great way to do that. I loved reading your list :)

Your outfit is wonderful. I'm always afraid of mixing patterns but I love the floral and stripes.


Lindsay said...

I WISH it was in the 80s here already!! Jealous!

Who says ice cream doesn't have any nutritional value? It IS made with milk... :)

Love this idea for a link up - I better get working on my list for next week!

Ashley said...

i wish i had your legs! haha. mine are long but not that smoking skinny!!

i have a giant sweet tooth too - real struggle! lol

happy tuesday lovely!

Anonymous said...

Copy, paste to all those wishes! I've dreamt of Cher's closet my whole life, it is actually the reason I started blogging to have a system and organize what've worn and what I haven't! Sweet tooth thingy would work for me, getting into my jeans this morning was hard, I blame that cheesecake for being so incredibly yummie! and i wish you have a lovely week!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

GretchTM said...

Super cute outfit! I wish I had a virtual closet too. I love Clueless!

Unknown said...

LOVE your belt! LOVE you in general!!

P.S. Clueless is probably the movie I've seen the most times! I own it, we should do a Clueless date night!! xoxo

Unknown said...

i love the clueless virutal closet!!!! its my dream! and you are srsly a dream! look at those legs, they are perf!!!! i love your striped shorts and paird with the floral top.. its amazing :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Kristen said...

loving those shorts! i want a pair : ) and let me just tell you that i am so jealous of your legs! i wish mine were that long

Nicole said...

I love, love, love you blog! Usually I only find one thing about a post that I enjoy, but I can't seem to choose one from yours. I love everything! I'm proud to say I'm now following your blog. If you like mine, please follow :)


the desert foxx said...

i love your style and your legs
hot and dangerous ;)

SeƱorita said...

That is so exciting that you are starting up a blog carnival!! I have a new carnival on personal experiences on travel by the same name:


I will check out your carnival when it comes out ;)


Unknown said...

You are Gorgeous!! Love all your posts! I am so linking up! I was going to comment and ask if I could do the same?! but now I know I can YAY! I think you need to take me shopping and throw out all my clothes..kinda like that TLC show..you are amazing at putting outfits together!

Carrie said...

Clueless is STILL my most favourite movie!

Love your shorts!

Style of a Tootsy Pop

Kileen said...

you have a killer pair of legs and i love the fedora on you!

cute & little

Lynzy said...

Rock it girl, you look gorgeous! I am loving that hat on you :)
xo Lynzy

Jess said...

You look just like Vacation Barbie in these pics!!!
I love that outfit!!

Can't wait for next week's Carnival!

I'm having my very first give away on my blog this week!

Gentri said...

AGREE!!! To ALL OF IT!! :) You look amazing as always! I can't wait for the Carnival! It sounds so exciting!

Dylana Suarez said...

You look so amazing! Love your shorts!



The Cat Hag said...

Awww you look so cute and happy! Yellow is definitely your color. :)

I have the same dress as the one you have from Frock Candy, but have yet to wear it out. It's uber adorable.

The Cat Hag

Nanina said...

That's what I'm saying! Of course it is nice to have A/C in the car, but some things just do not happen like they did anymore... When I was little, me and my family spent some summers in Southern France. When we went to see sights and the car would park in the sun, it got unbearably hot and would need to get some fresh air before one could only think about sitting in there again. That time, we usually just spent hanging out. And sometimes, these moments turn out especially nice :-)

Relatable Style

ChiccaStyle said...

You're beautiful!!!Love your shorts and the yellow flower shirt!

Monique said...

You look AMAZING!! Which is nothing new, you always look amazing!

Monique xx


Piril Maria said...

Love the belt!


Annie said...

Oh, I love this idea~ so fun to read your wishes and thanks! (And I'm with you... Google for your closet would be genius!)

Karen said...

Such a great outfit!! I love the pattern mixing!!

Love your style and your blog!! Following!!



Nikol said...

beautiful outfit...i like your blog:)


Anonymous said...

love this outfit! i have such a bad sweet tooth too!

Jessica said...

My friends and I were JUST talking about Cher's closet from Clueless and how we're suprised it never caught on! Such a briliant idea, even if you would have to take a picture of yourself in every single piece of clothing you own, but whatevs totally worth it!

sbot said...

You look so cute! I cant believe I am just discovering your blog. Im in love with it! You have great versatile style and you look fabulous in everything. There is also a certain cheeriness to your blog that I love. Its very happy!

Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )




Natella Mammadbeyli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natella Mammadbeyli said...

I love reading your blog because every post is so full of positive energy! It makes me feel happy and I start concentrating only on positive things and try to share them with the people who are close to my heart. Thank you for this!


Passion for art and fashion

Melissa said...

LOVE your blog! New follower :)


Elizabeth Marie said...

I LOVE your outfit, but I am smitten with your sunny outlook on life. Much needed!! And yes, amen to Cher's closet! xx

Alina said...

I do not get tired amazed by your beauty and style!

Unknown said...

love your blog, you have great styles! now following:)

LuLu said...

Love how you mixed your patterns and that the top and shorts are from Urban! Makes it easy for me to dash down the street to Urban this weekend :)

A Candid Life

LuLu said...

Love how you mixed your patterns and that the top and shorts are from Urban! Makes it easy for me to dash down the street to Urban this weekend :)

A Candid Life

Melody said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I love your blog! I gave you an award today! : )

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I conquer with all of the above, candy that is good for you. Just do it now America oh and cure cancer too while your at it.

Write it in Lipstick

NRC♥ said...

Your legs and hair are awesome! Lovely outfit post hun.

Ginger Tea said...

NICE idea! I did my list!

wishful and thankful

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