May 25, 2011

Shop Your Closet

Vest: FreePeople; Shirt and Necklace: Thrifted from Lollypop Vintage; Shorts, Belt and Shoes: UO; Bag: c/o Frock Candy
I'm really trying to shop my closet rather than shop the mall. It's much easier on my check book. If I do shop the mall, I want to stick to accessories such as shoes, fun bags, jewelry, belts and key pieces to add depth and to build around the basics of my weardrobe. Moving helped me come to this realization because I was able to reassess what I had. I ended up giving a few bags of clothes away. (Don't worry Kari, I saved the best for you.) But I realize that if I haven't worn something in over a year, chances are, I probably won't wear it this year. It is best to have items in your closet that you like to look at and that you like to wear. Otherwise, when you wake up in the morning, open your closet, and see clothes collecting dust because you never wear them, then that dreaded though will enter your mind and you will think, "I have nothing to wear!" So clean out those closets ladies, give away some clothes to friends or to those less fortunate, or even try to sell them so you can go out and buy something shiny and new to sit in your closet. Deciding what to wear should be easy.


Brittany-Trends250 said...

that is such a good point. me and some friends did a group yard sale & it was fun to raid their stuff & also get rid of some of the things i never wear!

Unknown said...

I am in love with that top and the belt!!!! Great job putting this together. It's perfect.

GoodFrameofMind said...

I always try to abide by the 1 year rule, but I always find a way to tell myself I'll wear it soon. You shopped your closet very well! Hope the move went smoothly!

Rissy said...

I get anxiety even thinking about cleaning out my closet... because I've done it a few times... and each time I worry that I am a hoarder...

I'm saving the closet clean out until I move out.

Love the outfit you found in your closet!


TheOtherSideofCool said...

Very very true. Only keep things u love & deciding what to wear becomes easy peasy :) swap nights with friends are gd for this and a lot of fun xx

Amanda said...

i love your outfit! i love cleaning out my closet....but i do need to go shopping!!!! majorly. but it always has to be budget shopping.... :(

Southern Wifey said...

Im sure shopping my closet would definetely help out my check book. Unfortunately I have a dirty little secret.........Im a SHOPAHOLIC :(

[sweet life of a southern wife]

out of order said...

Aw I love this so much! the shirt and vest are soo great! reminds me I should try to make a crochet vest tutorial for summer...


Shabana Feroze said...

Hi Katie
I've read your entire blog and YOU inspired me to finally start one myself. (Been wanting to do it forever but always thought i need to be in fashion/ be rich, etc).

I'm moving out on Friday as well (uncanny coincidence), and have vowed to shop from my closet too cuz I'll be budgeting myself. I'm moving out into my first own place.

I love this look, you're getting excellent at putting outfits together. We have a very similar style. Ok, this comment has become a letter, so I'll stop now. Do visit my blog and lemme know whatcha think!

Anonymous said...

The one year rule has helped me so much getting my closet organized and actually works! Loving that vest like a lot!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Frannie Pantz said...

I have totally been in this spot and need to find more appreciation for the clothes that I have. Love your outfit and ideas!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me and I realized I wanted to spend my money on stuff for our new house isntead. I'm sure it will come back to clothes again though! :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

LOVE the outfit! And you make a great point! I am just waiting til I get a big girl job so I can go out and re-vamp my work clothes/closet. I seriously wake up every morning and stand staring at my closet for like 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I want to cry. Waitin' to get that money honey! ;) Thanks for this! <3

Cassandra said...

I have way too many clothes I never wear! I definitely need to get rid of some... Thanks for the advice!!

m_b said...

oh my gosh i would to shop YOUR closet! haha! your friend is super lucky! :)
i love this look so so so much!

Katie said...

ohmygosh. i have been needing to go through my closet so bad! thrifting=tons of clothes you never wear. i can't pass anything up because it's so cheap!

thanks for the reminder! :)

xo, Kimberly said...

I'm working really hard on this, too! Mostly because I really want to redo some of my house and need to stop spending money on clothes I really don't need! But I have two closets full of clothes that I hardly wear and you just reminded me I need to go organize/reassess them!

VANESSA31 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VANESSA31 said...

That shirt!!, and IDEA, sometimes mom's closet which clean out, is my chance of "real vintage: 80's shorts, boots, jackets, knitwear, even a leather skirt, I don´t need mall just fix something...Right?

caramellitsa said...

you are so right!!
i love this look,simply wonderful :)

kisses <3

Unknown said...

You look too cute! And I totally clean out my closet and donate regularly :-) Good advice!!!

Gaby said...

I can relate to you so much right now I actually haven't bought anything in over a month and I've been playing around with the items in my closet and coming up with different outfits I had never done before. There was a couple of pieces that I had never even worn and forgotten about!

- Gaby
From Rags to Glam

Lindsay said...

Such a great tip! I keep going to the mall when I probably have 3896 million tops just like it :) LOVING your shoes :)

Unknown said...

thank you for your post!!! that's so true and something I really need to do! So jealous of your weardrobe!! You always look gorgeous! geeze :P

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous outfit! Lovely photos too.


StyleIDnet said...

hair: beautiful, top: beautiful, vest: beautiful... bag: beautiful..... what else can be said?
love the outfit.

Allie Emme said...

I love this look! Very 70's!
xx Allie

Megan said...

can i shop in your closet too?

Lauren Caldwell said...

first, your style is AHHHmazing. I love the 70s vibe you've got going on!
second, I've GOT to clean out my closet! It's out of control and I can't ever find anything to wear because of it! ahhhh.
xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

Shelby said...

that shirt is divine, the colors and strips are just beautiful! you look like a gorgeous farrah fawcett, love the boho 70's vibe <3shelby

Desirae said...

So very pretty!! I really like that crochet vest alot.

Katie said...

I'm loving those large curls today!

Lindsay said...

I desperately need to clean out my closet - I stare at it everyday and don't like anything I own. Ugh.

Love your outfit today!

Cathy said...

Beautiful! Love this look!!!!

Ashley said...

Just came across your blog and I have to confess I have spent the past two hours on here reading old posts! Love your style - I've got so many ideas to go in my closet and make some magic happen! New follower for sure ;)

Leisha said...

Love this idea! It's always great to freshen up the closet!

Cat said...

The best thing about Spring is Spring Cleaning!!! I mean...not the physical cleaning...cause that,! But is so nice to purge your life of things that are just weighing you down, you know?

xx Cat brideblu

Lea said...

I definitely need to get better at shopping my closet too. I also need to go through it and figure out what I want and don't want. Because it's getting ridiculous. Especially my shoes.

I loove that oversized crocheted vest. So comfy looking and versatile :)

Unknown said...

totally feel you on that, i neeeeed to not shop :) i love that belt though!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

GretchTM said...

Very good point. It saves money and you get to discover awesome old stuff you almost forgot about. You look lovely in this outfit. :)

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite outfits of yours...I'm obsessed with high-waisted shorts! I couldn't agree more with your post too!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Frank Vinyl said...

love your belt! so cute...


Rachael said...

That is definitely a good way to think about clothes!
With my clothes, I actually don't have too many, and with me, it's, 'What shirt should I wear AGAIN'. In the same week.
Yeah, I think I may need to get a few more...although it stinks being picky AND needing clothes!
Any advice? Hey, what do you think of the plain t-shirt look? I do have necklaces to accessorize, but not long ones. Just dainty ones.
You should do a Q and A post! Just an idea.

Zoe Gabrielle said...

You are so right. I just moved this week also and now I have a rolling rack out in my room for my summer wardrobe to better see everything.


Friend in Fashion said...

Absolutely adore the 70's vibe of this outfit!

You are absolutely stunning and your blog is divine! :)

Friend in Fashion

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

um you look amazing, these need to be in a magazine!!!

Unknown said...

beautiful photos! such a fresh outfit. <3

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