July 19, 2011

Ten Reminders for Beautiful Skin

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1.  It seems like milk gets all the credit for doing a body good, but let's not forget about water!   Water hydrates skin and cleans out harmful toxins.  Doctors recommend 8-9 glasses per day.  Dehydrated skin has a tendency to look worn and lined, whereas hydrated skin looks vibrant and healthy.

2.  Always wear sunscreen with an SPF15 or higher (30 is ideal) to avoid premature aging and sun damage.  The easiest way to do this is to use moisturizer and/or foundation with built in SPF.

3.  Don't forget to moisturize day and night!  There are so many creams on the market that will benefit your skin type.  Use a lighter moisturizer during the day that can go under your makeup and a heavier solution-specific cream at night while you sleep, when skin is more absorbent.  To lock in the moisture, make sure to apply it while skin is still damp.  

4.  Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  These are high in antioxidants and help provide protection against the environment.

5.  Increase blood circulation by exercising regularly.  This helps in the renewal of skin cells by carrying more nutrients to the skin.  Just remember to cleanse your skin after working out to avoid the build up of bacteria.  Keeping a cleansing towelette in your gym bag can help.  Regular exercise is also beneficial because it releases stress hormones which can contribute to acne.

6.  Never, I repeat NEVER go to bed with makeup on.  You will end up sleeping with a load of free radicals from the pollution that your makeup has absorbed during the day.  This can age your skin, contribute to cellular damage, and cause breakouts.  If you are too tired to wash your face, keep cleansing towelettes by your bed and massage onto your skin for thirty seconds to loosen up makeup dirt and oils.

7.  Speaking of - they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing.  When you are in your deepest stage of sleep, growth hormones increase and initiate cell and tissue repair.  Limited or restless sleep cuts into this restorative process.  To attain a good night's sleep, try doing something that relaxes you, whether it be listening to relaxing music, reading a book, or taking a warm bath.

8.  The skin around your eyes is about a third as thick as the rest of your face, therefore, it is extremely fragile.  Use eye creams sparingly, try not to rub your eyes, and remove makeup by soaking cotton pads in makeup remover and pressing them lightly onto the eyes for ten seconds before gently wiping clean.

9.  Don't smoke.  Smoking contributes to wrinkles and depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients, such as Vitamin A.  It also damages collagen and elastin, which give your skin its strength.  Not to mention, the repetitive pursing of your lips and squinting of your eyes every time you inhale leads to lines and wrinkles.

10.  Enhance your natural beauty!  Accentuate your best features rather than masking them with tons of makeup.    



Anonymous said...

love this! thx!

Emily @ Journey to the Center of Manhattan said...

so true!!! love the skin you're in, especially in AZ!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Yeay for posting all these wonderful tips!! Great advice...especially wearing sunscreen every day! So important and I am so glad you included that.

Tara said...

loved it!

ty said...

Sleeping in makeup is just awful. You wake up and your face is pouting.

Ana said...

This post is awesome! I now go to the gym, eat more fruits and vegetables, moisturize day/night, wear sunscreen... I fail when it comes to sleeping with make-up on. Sometimes I'm just too lazy, but I love the idea of keeping the cleansing towels by the bed! Simple, but I think it'll work! :)

My (Newly)Wed Life

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

That post is so true!
I never drink that much water though I know its not good...:(
I just cant!
xo xo

Ash said...

i follow most of these, if not all, but sometimes. especially when i am out with friends, i'll forget to take my makeup off at night... so now i buy those cloth face cleaner things and use them when i'm out. make up is always off and they are scented with lavender...yummm

Kelly said...

Great post! There are a few of these things I just don't always think of (like moisturizing in the morning), but this is a good reminder :)


Nicole Marie said...

i definitely need to drink more water.

and i need to find good moisturizers that dont make me break out.

Nicole said...

Great post!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Awesome post Katie! Numbers 6&7 are the golden rules in my book :)


Fashion Fractions

Anonymous said...

great tips!

Sweet Pea said...

These are such a good reminders :)

Lou said...

Some very good tips that I need to always try and remember.


silvergirl said...

i am good to go on all of those, but am a notorious forgetter of taking off make up at night
i know, i need to stop doing that

Jamie @ charmingly ordinary said...

I love the exercise tip. So that's why my skin always looks awesome(er) just after working out...

Amanda said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing :)

christinerojas said...

thanks for this pick me up :)

Yonka said...

all you said is very true and if any body follow it with sincerity then no one can stop to have a glowing healthy skin.

Lauren and Tom said...

just found your blog! i'm excited to keep reading :) oh and i have my own mcgyver of a husband...it definitely makes life more interesting!!

Saba said...

I eat more fruits and vegetables, moisturize day/night, wear sunscreen... I fail when it comes to sleeping with make-up on. Sometimes I'm just too lazy, but I love the idea of keeping the cleansing towels by the bed! Simple, but I think it'll work! :)mometasone discounted

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Rida said...

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