September 20, 2011

Fall Trend: Color Alert

Shirt: Splendid; Jeans: JBrand; Shoes: UO; Necklace: FreePeople; Watch: Juicy Couture; Purse:c/o Windsor Store
You wouldn't know it.  But.  Right now, I'm missing a tooth.  Schnuckles.  That lil rascal popped right off while I was biting my way through a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie.  And it totally ruined the sweet moment we were sharing together.  {Oh wait. That's not a chocolate chip.  What theAhhhh crap.}  Back to the dentist I go.  You see, we've been seeing quite a bit of each other lately.  First it was for a new crown.  Then it was for a root canal.  You know, fun stuff like that.  But.  I digress.  Let's talk fall colors!  
Being a color enthusiast myself, I am loving all of the mixing and matching of hues.  Normally, when we think of fall, we think of browns, maybe oranges.  You know, leafy colors.  But, this season, colors be poppin'!  We've got purples mixed with reds; teels mixed with oranges; burgundyThe key to take color into fall though, is to stick to the deeper tones that are more muted than the brights we see in summer.  I am seriously loving these deep teel bell bottoms from JBrand.  They pretty much make my legs and bum happy.  I knew when I got them that I had to find a top that was complementary in color and tone.  So, let's spin that color wheel and get creative for fall!  Shall we?  Be as colorful as you feel!   


Gertrude said...

The color of the jeans looks so unique! love it x

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

sorry about your tooth! yikes!
but loving the colors in this outfit :) looking fab as always!!!

Gentri said...

Love it love it!! The colors this season are fantastic! And I'm so sorry about your tooth! Eek. :P

Kristal said...

Love the jeans. They are great. I love love love long jeans. It is a chore to find ones long enough to wear with wedges for me! Sorry about your tooth and frequent dentist visits! I hope your cute outfit is making you feel better!


Laurie said...

Loving muted colour for fall! I am in love with your pants! I really love the corduroy bell bottoms Jbrand also has in their fall collection :)

Anonymous said...

You remind me of Gisele Bundchen..

allie said...

Great post- love the outfit! Can't wait to see how else you'll incorporate colour into fall. Sorry about your tooth... hope that all gets sorted out soon!

xo, allie

It's A Love Story said...

so cute I love your outfit it suck about your tooth@

Ivana said...

Aww, I know what you´re talking about, I have my dentist on speed dial!
But back to the essential, you look fab, as always! Love that color combo!

xx Ivana
Style in the City

Stesha said...

I love Jbrand!! hope your tooth gets better miss! I hate the dentist!

Classic & Bubbly

Carrie said...

Your hair looks amazing today! Very 70's look!
Style in the City

Lindsay @ la vita dolce said...

Love your outfit!! The colors are amazing together!!!
Love your hair do you give it that wave?

Hollie Ann said...

okay, i want your hair. cute outfit!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

gorgeous outfit! love the red on you and the wide leg pants are awesome :) You look so pretty in the 2nd photo!


Fashion Fractions

Virginie's Cinema said...

This outfit accentuates your beauty in all the right ways! Gorgeous gorgeous pants (did I mention they are gorgeous?).

Good luck with the one too many tooth adventure.

Virginie ♥

Think Twice Style said...

I totally agree with you on the color combo! It's beautiful!

Amy said...

I've totally lost a tooth before, and it was basically my worst nightmare come true.

Rissy said...

I am totally running my tongue over all my teeth right now... freaking out! eeeekkk

Oh and p.s. you can't look that awesome in tight jeans AND talk about eating cookies. unfair! ; )

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

k, you can stop being so cute right about now...tooth in or out!

Supal said...

that's a great color on you!

Lauren Nicole said...

I would never attempt this color combo on my own, but seeing it on you totally makes me want to try it out!! Looks lovely!

xoxo, Lauren [Let It Be.]

Alisha said...

You bum looks super happy ;) Girl, you are rocking this look! You are always so gorgeous, missing teeth or not.

I'm always so self conscious about my teeth. Even more wierd, sometimes I dream of my teeth falling out. Ahhh! hehe

Kelly said...

you look so gorgeous! The jeans are soooo flattering and the shirt is the perfect colour. Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

Yay to colors! Those flared jeans were made for you, love your shimmery eyeshadow!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Unknown said...

love the shirt color...

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohhh girl I love this look! I just pinned it for the world to see :) Hopefully it brings a few more visitors to your lovely blog

Vintage Paper Designs said...

Color on, it suits you!

.Candy. said...

im all about red this fall! it's not as bright as the spring/summer colors, but still playful and bold to play with. love those pants on you! and i do wish you won't have another reason to visit the dentist again...i think you've had your quota for the year! ;)

Lou said...

Love the colour of your top, and your hair always looks amazing!


Unknown said...

omg katie!! thats one of my worst nightmares.. losing teeth!! eeek good luck at the dentist!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

britany said...

hi katie,

love your blog, have been following for a while now.

i have to ask - those jeans look super amazing on you and i've been searching high and low for a pair of wide leg flares. here is the catch - i need at least a 36" inseam {i'm tall and i love heels :) }

please tell me you're the same so i can get those amazing jeans too!!

Veggie Girl said...

I just found your blog, love it!!

Mrs. C said...

Love the color of the jeans!! Those are fabulous!!! And I am all about jewel tones! Hope your tooth feels better.

Sandra said...

Eeek I hate going to the dentist! Loving the flare leg jeans, they're on my buy-next list.

The Vee Bee Diaries

Our Sophisticated Planet said...

Ugh I'm sorry about your tooth, at least you can't tell! I despise the dentist, it scares me! But it'll all be good soon!

I do love the more vibrant colors that are sticking around for the cooler months! Love these jeans, they're lovely on you!


Faith said...

those jeans are amazing and the colors look fabulous together!!!

Maria said...

Yes, yes, yes - good shout on those jeans! They are all kinds of awesomeness.

Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us for fall...

Good luck with the tooth!

Maria xx

A Beautiful Life said...

i luv your color combo it's fantabulous!! i need to get good, comfy but great shape kind of l/s tees this fall, gorg!


Unknown said...

gorgeous! Love those flared pants!

xo Julia

Torey said...

What style are these JBrand jeans? What is the name of them? They are amazinggg

Unknown said...

I love the J.Brand flares! So flattering!

Rachael said...

"Be as colorful as you feel". Love that Katie!
And that is not fun about your tooth. And scary. That is a nightmare of mine.

Anonymous said...

Great combo. Good philosophisin' and sorry about your toofy.

Love from Oregon USA,

pink and blue

my twitter

Jessica said...

A few things:

1) I can't get over the name of your blog. Genius!

2) You are absolutely gorgeous.

3) That outfit rocks! It's simple, 70s-ish, and you pull it together so well.

New follower here; my name's J.Lynn :) pleasure following you.

Cara said...

First time here, wow what a pretty blog you have! These teal jeans are fantastic, your legs look a mile long. Love them paired with coral. Sorry to hear about your poor tooth.

Bridget said...

the jeans are amazing. i'd steal em right off ya if i saw you walking down the street so watch it.

Unknown said...

you are stunning and i love your style! i just found your blog- now following! :)

MissKait said...

so happy i just found your blog. i love it!
and those pants are so totally cute!

following you now, check out my blog?

kaitlin xo

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