September 13, 2011

Under Triple Digits

Shorts, Top, and Bracelet: c/o Emporium Miami; Blazer: Macys; Ring: Gift from Anne; Shoes: UO; Necklace: Free People; Clutch: Old Navy
While I was shopping at a mall in Las Vegas, a lady working a dog clothing kiosk, stopped me and tried to persuade me into buying her "best-selling" doggy t-shirt.  Think of another name for a female dog and insert the plural version of it here: ("_____ Love Me") written on the back.  It was yellow, blinged out, and totally not my dog's style.  So, to keep me interested in her items, the sales girl began to ask me questions about myself like, "how old are you", "why are you so tall" know appropriate things like that.  She also asked where I am from.  I tell her Arizona, and my answer was quickly met with the question, "Aren't you supposed to be tan?"  Tan?  Hmmm....Well, I haven't touched a tanning bed since I was 22.  Spray tans are too much effort and too annoying in my opinion.  And frankly, sitting outside in 115 degree heat by a pool that now feels like warm bathwater, isn't all that relaxing.  We don't tan here, we simply melt.  But fortunately, I think this weather is finally letting up a bit.  We are under the triple digits people and it feels so good.  So good, that maybe, I will try to work on that tan this weekend.  Of course, wearing my 80 SPF and a giant hat.  But do tell, what's your secret to a great tan?  Do you fake it or make it? 


Unknown said...

Love your bracelet, you look gorgeous! Luckily (or not so luckily to me) here in Canada the weather has been cool. Just be thankful you don't have to deal with the deadly winters we have here!

B. in the Know said...

Oh how I wish I could lay out this weekend and get some sun. I tan easily do to my heritage, but I would say a slow approach to tan is best because that avoids the massive burn which is not healthy for anyone. Plus, there is no need to look like you have changed races, just get a healthy sunkissed glow - which is totally doable with sunscreen still on. Enjoy!
Much love,

Loren said...

I'm from Yuma, AZ and I couldn't agree more about the melting. LOL
I'm proud to be pale! Instead of sitting outside like an insane person, I have better things to be doing.
Bravo for the post!

It's A Love Story said...

Ilove you outfits and your style!

Clara said...

That saleswoman sounds awful! I'm annoyed just reading about her.... You handled that situation well!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

such a weird convo! other than that, you look fantastic as always. love the shorts!

Anonymous said...

That was one weird lady! Anyways you look super pretty in this outfits, love how all the elements are so different yet go perfect together!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

you gotta love weird ladies and their even weirder questions :) You look pretty tan to me :) Amazing outfit once again Katie; love the shorts!


Fashion Fractions

Libby said...

I make bad of me! No tanning beds though! I just use SPF 4 Banana Boat tanning spray, and then SPF 50 on my chest,face and hands.

Libby on the Label

Erin said...

You look fantastic in this outfit! The shorts look great and so does the top!

Can't believe that lady asked you that-I unfortunately do a little tanning bed action, lay out, and occasionally spray tan-but usually I'm pretty medium-light.


Erin @

Anonymous said...

Love you and love the ring!

Venoma said...

Lovely outfit, you look great :)



Frannie Pantz said...

Why I never!!!! What a weird series of questions and kind of rude!

I love your pretty shorts. They look amazing on you!

I once underestimated the Arizona heat. I was six months pregnant and drove down to Pheonix to see relatives in mid-July. I was dyyyyyyyyyyying. Hats off to you for tolerating that heat!

Unknown said...

I can't believe she said those things to you! I used to be very tan from swimming outside during the summers and having dance team practice all summer on the football fields. Now, I am pasty white but I don't mind. In 60 years I will be grateful!

Whitney said...

What a random lady! I live in Southern CA and try and get my sun a little bit everyday instead of sun bathing. But I also have heard that the Sally Hansen Self Tanner works really well. Once winter comes (which it rarely does here too) I will try it out.

Rin said...

I don't even try to tan. I inherited pale Irish skin with lovely red undertones, which show up with the slightest hint of sun. So I wear a floppy hat and massive amounts of sunscreen. I own the pale look. Just call me Snow White

emma miller said...

I always thought you looked tanned... perhaps that explains how incredibly white I am. If I'm going somewhere special, like a tropical island, I fake tan as to not blind all the locals but other than that I hide under clothes and lots of sunscreen to avoid skin cancer...

Supal said...

You look so pretty!! I love the accessories and it all ties in so well!

Laura said...

Oh my, if you're pale then I'm negative white! I used to want to be tanned but I went to China and was stopped at every corner by girls telling me how beautiful I was. Ever since I've embraced my paleness and realized that it's beautiful.

Miranda said...

Are you kidding me?! You have beautiful skin, you are lucky!!


Pomeline said...

I went to our home football game this weekend to celebrate being back at school with my friends. We sat in the sun for about 20 minutes before moving to some shaded seating. I managed to burn in 20 minutes. Sunscreen is so important. I don't fake it or tan, I just try to stay out of the sun!

.Candy. said...

I make it a point that i get tanned in the beach at least once a year but I definitely smother on sunscreen...don't want my skin to get all dried out when I'm older...I'm crazy about those shorts and that bracelet! fierce indeed! ;)

Cassandra said...

Well, because I am a natural redhead and about 50% Irish, I have given up on tanning, haha. I've tried in the past but I just burn. I basically bathe myself in sunblock if I know I'm going to be outside for a while.

Glad to hear that you guys are out of the tripe digits, though! My mom says that this summer has been crazy hot down in Phoenix.

Maria said...

Great outfit!

I tan quite easily anyway as I'm Greek. But I take vitamin D supplements which seriously help you tan easier and faster.

In the summer, I'll use Johnson's face moisturizer which leaves a very nice healthy glow minus the icky smell. The body lotion is pretty fab too!

Maria xx

Juley said...

You are gorgeous!! Found your blog through Frock Candy - and someone needs to give you a modeling contract.


Rachael said...

Ah, salespeople. They can be pretty funny sometimes!
I actually don't like it when I tan! I guess partly it's because of the SPF rays(even though I hardly wear sunblock dispite always meaning to), but because I guess I like how I look without being tan.
I'm actually still a little tan, from this summer. Only a little though.
But to answer your question, I let the sun's rays do it's job. As long as I don't get a sunburn. Which did happen this summer, and was not fun.

allie said...

I think you look perfectly sun-kissed already! Arizona is on my list of grad schools I'm applying to and I'm already hesitant on whether I could handle the summers there. A little heat I can deal with, but a few months of triple digits might be more than I can handle!

marie hamm. said...

so pretty!
wonderful blog. :)


Anonymous said...

great pairing. please do not tan.

Love from Oregon USA,

plaid is the new black

my twitter

monster cakes said...

My secret is to forget it and accept my white skin in all its vampire-esque glory. Thank you God for making me freckled and pale! I wouldn't have me any other way. It probably helps that I live in OR and all the hipsters think pale skin is "so hip." ; )

A Beautiful Life said...

wtc? you look tan to me! i'm fair skinned so you're "not tan" is tan for me, hahaha! besides, tanning/sun creates wrinkles, it's so true and i didn't believe it but after 30yrs old it's sooooo true, stupid aging. ;D


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