November 23, 2011

Don't Get in the Way of My Pumpkin Pie

Pants: FreePeople; Shirt: JCrew; Sweater: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Marc Fisher; Purse: c/o Windsor Store
Tomorrow's Thanksgiving!  I'm really excited!  I am planning on getting drunk off of tryptophan (you know, that weird stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy).  However, there won't be any time for napping because, well, I have a confession.  You see, I am going to attempt to steal a whole pumpkin pie, just for moi.  Why don't I just bake one for myself, you ask?  Because.  I'll be relaxing all day while other people slave over the stove.  So, back to my plan.  What if...I sabotage the pie by "accidentally" dropping it on the floor.  But, then again, that probably wouldn't be the best idea because who wants to eat pumpkin pie off the floor?  Granted, I would.  But I think I have a better idea.  What if, I take a bite out of the pumpkin pie, abruptly spit it out onto the table and scream really loud, "EW!!  This is just AWFUL!"  Yep, pretty sure no one will want to eat it after that.  And then I will laugh, having fooled all of my family on Thanksgiving, and I will go sit in a room by myself and devour that delicious pie I waited all year for.  And then I'll blame it on the tryptophan.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Peace, love and pumpkin pie.   


A Beautiful Life said...

lol! i'd high-five u and help u eat it in secret, i can't wait to eat tons of yummy pumpkin goodness, yay! ;D
Happy Thanksgiving! I love the fall colors in ur outfit!


Unknown said...

Pumpkin pie for the win :) Nice fall colors!

Anonymous said...

I'm smitten by your sweater! Love the color and oversized style. Craving pumpkin pie, enjoy it!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Christina'Marie said...

You are definetly something else, haha. Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow. And the pie, if you manage to swipe one :)

Kelly said...

LOVE your outfit here! The colours are great. And I think everyone has their food that makes them crazy. For you, pumpkin pie. For me, brownies. :)

Xoxo ☺ said...

Love your outfit! Your hair looks fabulous! Have a Happy Thanksgiving xo

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

too funny! i say just bake a pie and tell everyone else it's your pie! then eat it super fast so no one else can have it. ;)

mmm, love me some good pumpkin pie.

p.s. love the outfit!

Unknown said...

Cute bag!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

LOL! sounds like you have a plan :) looking gorgeous as always Katie :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fashion Fractions

Maria said...

Wow! A lot of thought has gone into stealing this pie - I hope it works out for you! Great autumnal outfit there.

Maria xx

Rissy said...

hahaha I love that plan!

I spent Thanksgiving in California with just my boyfriend one year. He bought me a pumpkin pie because I talked about it for a month leading up to the trip... and he didn't like pumpkin pie. Hence, me eating the whole thing. NOT the awesome idea I thought it was originally ; )

Happy Turkey Day gorgeous!


Gawgus things... said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I've never had pumpkin pie but it must be good if you'd go to these lengths to get your mitts on it! XXX

Eleni said...

lovely outfit! you look really pretty! xx

Siena in Style said...

you look great!!

MARY said...

Happy Thanxgivin, u look stunnin as always...:) xxxx Mary

Carolina said...

Happy Thanksgiving Katie! Hope you'll have a tasty pumpkin pie for the occasion! Great outfit by the way it makes me thin of the 70s and college look. And thank you for the "self-portrait tips" post of the other day I found it very useful!

Carolina xx

Maia said...

I love that you put so much effort into concocting elaborate schemes to have pumpkin pie all to yourself... certainly more fun than just making one from the can. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather Pool said...

You are so funny! I love the outfit and comedy combo. Very refreshing!

Nicole said...

* high five. I will definitively sit with you in that couch and eat the whole pumpkin pie after we fooled out families. *laughs By the way you look adorable in that outfit. I hope you had a great thanksgiving!

The Owl Girl

Braeden said...

I'm in love with this bag. Classy and cute!

Lauren K said...

I really like the color combo of your outfit : )

And don't worry, I'm not above sabotage if it means I get extra dessert!! Hope you had a great day!


Taylor said...

Hope you sabotaged that pie!! and got every last bite!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and you look absolutely gorgeous!

mallosaurus said...

Ohhkay this post completes me. I just started working at Target, and you know the uniform is red top and khakis. My initial thoughts - NASTY. How am I supposed to make those look good together? And then I saw you... and your delicious taste for style... so thanks Katie for helping out a poor working soul like myself. :)


Megan said...

Love the red sweater - perfect for the holidays!

Unknown said...

I am currently obsessed with the look of bell bottoms, they are so flattering!

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