November 28, 2011


Shirt: c/o Windsor Store; Purse: c/o Windsor Store; Shoes: G By Guess; Jeans: AG; Scarf: Michael Stars; Belt: JCrew; Sunnies: BCBG
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Husband and I sure did!  We spent Thanksgiving at my Parent's house.  Do not worry.  I did not steal the pumpkin pie.  I shared.  Because that is what Thanksgiving is all about.  Anyways, on Friday we drove to Tucson (that's where Husband's family is from), and spent the long weekend there.  The weather was absolutely divine and all I wanted to do was bask in it's beauty.  I'd like to say we spent the weekend outdoors hiking (which is what we had planned on doing) but most of it was consumed by eating.  Lots and lots of eating.  And driving around the mountains picking out our million dollar dream house.  I'll take the one with the incredible city view please.  Happy Monday!


Ana said...

Lovely outfit!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

sounds like you had a fun weekend! love this casual outfit, especially the boots :)


Fashion Fractions

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

aaah, what a lovely outfit! That bag is gorgeous :) Glad to hear you had a fun weekend =) on to an equally good week! x

Sarah @ Pencil Skirts and Lattes said...

cute outfit!! love the scarf and your new(ish) hair color looks FAB! ;)

mai said...

How lovely! So casual chic.

Anonymous said...

Wow love your bag, is so huge! Know what? I thought of you while eating pumpkin pie :P

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Ali Rodriguez said...

Such a cute outfit! Love the huge bag.

Ali Rodriguez said...

Such a cute outfit! Love the huge bag.

Michelle's Style File said...

Sounds wonderful- gorgeous pics as always too!


Unknown said...

Beautiful outfit! XOXO,

London said...

Nothing is better than happy holidays and a beautiful bag. Love your blog and your pics.

Jessica Gitler said...

that bag is really really great, i really like the whole outfit!

Belle, Christina said...

Love the outfit - I am a big fan of the scarf - so cute! And the bag is pretty ridiculous (as in, awesome).

~ Christina

Fabulously Thrifty said...

You look beautiful as always! I really want a long blousey type top like that!

Unknown said...

Great pics. as usual :) We need pics of your home.. do you decorate for the holidays?!?? Have a super week!!


Rachael said...

Wow, that bag is big! I'm so short, it would cover half my body! It's a really nice bag though.
I'm glad you a great Thanksgiving! And that the weather was good! It's these times, these almost-winter time, that I envy those on the West Coast...
I don't blame you for just eating on Thanksgiving! That's what all that food is for!
Although that's a fun idea of checking out huge houses and pretending to live there. I always wonder what people could find to put in all that space!

Chic In Vancity said...

Fab outfit!!
Love your blog :)
Bella xo

Taylor said...

Everyday does your hubs go and take pictures of you?! holy crap woman!! everyday you are looking flawless!!!!


Nicole said...

You look beautiful, I was hoping for you to steal the pumpkin pie, but it is true thanksgiving is all about sharing. It looks like you had a great time with the husband, love your whole outfit. Have a great week!

The Owl Girl

Unknown said...

love that purse!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Anonymous said...

A.MA.ZING bag...I have been lusting over the same one in white at our Mint store here....fabulous! You look great as always, love love love your bloggie!

Emma Frances said...

What a perfect weekend! And good job sharing the pumpkin pie! That is one hard task! Haha.

Caitlin said...

You look amazing in this! Your legs look awesome, even with the flat booties.

Doux Rousse

Anonymous said...

love the boots. love love love them. just bought them from maces and trying to figure out a way to make sure you get credit for it :)

Gawgus things... said...

Your bag is amazing! Love it :)

Amanda Blythe said...

Whats the name of the shirt from Windsor?

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

Aww I love the Tucson desert, so pretty & lush. So glad to hear you took advantage of the weather & hiked a lot! We used to have a tradition for like 10 yrs where we'd potluck picnic w/ family friends and neighbors in the desert & then hike after the feast. kinda miss it. Glad u enjoyed it! : ) I forget, are you from around Tucson? I'm from Phoenix.

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