December 1, 2011

Rock and Roll-ish

Leather Jacket and top: Rachel Roy for Macys; Pants, clutch and rings: c/o Windsor Store; Shoes: Forever21; Necklaces: FreePeople
I'm feeling rock and roll today.  In fact, it looked like I had head banged my way through sleep, as I woke up with some serious heavy metal hair.  And it wasn't on purpose.  Sure, it may have looked good on Brett Michaels, but not. on. me.  Then, I managed to air guitar my way around the bathroom while putting on pink lipstick (which I don't recommend unless you want to look like a girly version of Gene Simmons), as Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" was playing in the back ground.  I even managed to scream sing to Adele in my car as I drove to work this morning.  But most of all, I feel rock and roll because of this Rachel Roy leather jacket I found on sale last season at Macys for a serious steal.  It's kind of small and tight on me, but I'm pretty sure that's probably how Mick Jagger wore his back in the day.  (Insert annoying Maroon 5 song lyric here.)  Ahhh....but I really don't.  At all.  All I am saying is, I could probably take someone out with my sparkly rings and clutch with faux knuckles.  But don't worry.  It's all in the name of fashion and rock and roll.  Which are kind of the same thing. 


SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...
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SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

Katie, you are so pretty! I stumbled across Running On Happiness yesterday and just had to follow right away.

I really like the concept of your blog, because it reminds me a lot of my own style, and the things I like. Keep up the good work... seriously!

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

Unknown said...

Great outfit! I love it! XOXO,

Liesl said...

Loving all your fun rings and your jacket is to die for...the perfect cut and such a classic piece to own! Glad you got to practice your air guitar skills while picking lipstick...too cute!

Liesl :)

Heather Pool said...

Great leather jacket! It deserved those great rings! Glad you were able to help them find each other.

Unknown said...

You look beyond awesome!

Jessica Gitler said...

small or not, that jacket rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That's quite a ring party, love it, totally edgy and chic!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Sandra said...

Loooove that clutch! I think I have to add it to my Christmas wish list now. And you can totally pull off the rocker well so well. Rock on!


Danielle Nelson said...

I LOVE the pink wall behind you. What a great contrast to your rockerish outfit. I wish I could pose like you!

Chic In Vancity said...

Beautiful photos! love your outfit as well, that leather jacket is awesome!!
Bella xo

Anonymous said...

KATIE, I need YOUR vote to help me WIN a Baby Grand Piano. Go to Thank you. PLEASE SHARE IT TO YOUR WALL.

Hollie Ann said...

how are you this cute EVERY day??! :)

Unknown said...

Those rings are to die for. Rock it girl!

Vanessa Vasconcelos said...

love your clutch!!

kisses from Brazil


Eleni said...

amazing outfit & lovely leather jacket! x

Jessica said...

You're so pretty always. Those rings are such a stylish alternative to brass knuckles :) I want a leather jacket so bad! They make me feel like such a badass and I love it.

Unknown said...

What a great outfit, you are adorbs!!!

l.c.s. said...

I didnt know that Rachel Roy has a line for Macy's until I read your blog- that leather jacket looks so good! Perfect shape.


b and e said...

How cool do you look! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

LOVE IT! the outfit, the jewelry, the background! everything looks perfect :)


Fashion Fractions

Unknown said...

Rock and roll, you got that part right! Love your jacket :)


Anna Saccone said...

Love this outfit!! You seriously look like a VS model <3

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

You are just a stunner! Love that jacket! Leather never seems to look that great on me..but way to rock it!

Emma Frances said...

I love this outfit! And this post! All the song references are awesome! :] You are gorgeous!

Maia said...

THAT is your definition of a bad hair day!? Seriously... your fabulous hair was the first thing I noticed!

Anonymous said...

Super cute :)

Love the “metal knuckles” :P

XO Samantha

Follow me and I will Follow back!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i reallllly want a leather jacket but im not sure i can pull it off.. maybe ill try to get one after christmas when everything goes on sale. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Nicole said...

leather jacket is the BEST way to complete this look- adore.

Anonymous said...

you've totally opened my eyes to Macy's. I never really go there, but I'm starting too and I love it! You look always!

Xoxo ☺ said...

You look fabulous! xo

Rachael said...

Rock on Katie!
Love the look. And LOVE the jacket! I'm really into the 'rocker' jacket look.
And wow, those are a lot of rings on your fingers! You can definitely knock someone out with that! BAM!
And if you choose to knock someone out, you can just say that's what a rocker would do.

Carolina said...

The outfit looks very good on you and you perfectly accessorized it. I love the place where you made you shooting (fuschia walls = wow!!!)

Taylor said...

I love this post!! This look is so freaking cute!!! I need to revamp my look and bad!! thanks for the inspiration!

CupcakesOMG! said...

you're so pretty!!! and i love the pink wall as a background.

.Candy. said...

leather on that hot pink background sure screams rock and roll! i love heading to work and singin till my hearts jumpstarts my day and somehow keeps me calm throughout the day...and did i mention Adele is DIVINE?!

Caitlin said...

Those rings are fab! I wouldn't even be able to type with those babies on.

Doux Rousse

alicia said...

you look SO pretty!

Nicole said...

You look gorgeous! I'm in love with this outfit, specially the leather jacket.

Nicole D.
The Owl Girl

Unknown said...

love your dress, Coolxx

Peyton Goodson
Leather Pants for Women

Unknown said...

Leather Jacket and top: Rachel Roy for Macys; Pants, clutch and rings: c/o Windsor Store; Shoes: Forever21; Necklaces: FreePeople ...

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