January 30, 2012

Carlin from "Superficial Girls" Feels Most Beautiful...

I've been following Carlin's blog for a while now.  I love her fun, chic and colorful style.  Today she is sharing what color she feels most beautiful in!  Can you take one wild guess!?  It's one of my faves too...

I feel most beautiful in... Pink!  I didn't always like the color pink, whilst growing up it felt like such a typical girl color and most certainly too noticeable.
As I got older I started to appreciate the color and the effect that it can have on my mood as well as people around me. Wear bright pink and all of a sudden the world seems like a much happier place. I am definitely known for wearing a lot of pink on my blog but I have received so much positive feedback on how my use of bright colors have made people smile when they see a new "pink" post from me that I cant see myself ever stop wearing it.

Don't be afraid to experiment with pink and unleash your bright side!

For more bright ideas, visit Carlin's fabulous blog at superficialgirls.com!  Thanks for sharing Carlin!


Karin said...

You certainly look very bright and fun. It brings a smile to ones face indeed. I love it!

Shabana Feroze said...

I love pink myself! Such a cheery lovable colour! Love the look!


Caitlin said...

That pink blazer is gorgeous! I also love the shorts! Carlin, where are they from?

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Loving the pink blazer xxx

South Molton St Style

Gawgus things... said...

Carlinn's got great style! What girl doesn't love a pop of pink?!

Emma x

Aleksandra Ivanko-Deel said...

Love the pink!

Mrs. Robinson said...

This is SO funny because I was very, very recently re-evaluating my opinion on pink. In middle school, I was all about it. In high school & until recently, I was just OVER it, you know? I was sick to death of every single girl EVER loving pink and zebra, and I can't stand to be "typical." So I jumped ship. Until three weeks ago when my nail lady painted my nails HOT pink, and I loved it! I felt so feminine and girl and beautiful! The only pink article of clothing I have is a scarf, but I've been rockin' it more than usual. And something pink is def. on my shopping list. :) Cute post!

Alexa said...

the pop of pink in the blazer is perfect!


megan said...

I think men loving seeing women in pink! It brings out the girlie/playful side of you! Great pics!


Patty [PRETTYGROUNDED] said...

That pink is hella cute. I wonder if I could pull it off..maybe a hot pink pedicure to start? Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous blog!

Following :)

Patty www.prettygrounded.com

Rory said...

i love her blog! she's so cute <3

Sammantha said...

well, i definitely need that blazer now! love pink!

My-cliffnotes said...

New to your blog, love it, excited to follow along.


Unknown said...

Your making me rethink the pink blazer I tried on at F21!


TaraMixandMatch said...

I love her blog as well...and I so love my pink blazer!

Mrs. JvR said...

love love love all of your featured guests! please follow me as well.http://popbubblesfizz.blogspot.com/

Natella Mammadbeyli said...

Love Carlinn and her style! :)


Passion for art and fashion

Nuha said...

a girl after my own heart :-) pink is definitely my mood lifter :-)

Pretty Dresses in the Laundry said...

I love Superficial Girls! And your blog...


Unknown said...

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