March 5, 2012

Fashion Animals

Over the weekend, I made a trip to the Phoenix Zoo.  All by myself.  It kind of made me insecure when I anxiously went up to feed a giraffe, and the zoo employee asked if I was with the family behind me.  I replied "No," and he stated, "It's just, you?"  I wanted to say, "it's not just me, it's ME!!"  But, I was so excited to get up close and personal with my soon to be long necked friend, that I handed him my money and went on my way.  I have to say, I had the best time at the zoo, walking around, enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather, and taking pictures of all the animals.  It was the perfect activity to push the reset button.  And I mean, after all, how often do you get to look an orangutan straight in the eyes?  Which has inspired me for a new adventure.  Happy Monday!


Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

Americans are sort of funny about people doing things (dinner, movies, etc.) solo. I think it's important to spend time with just yourself to think/reflect and just be. I'm an only child and often prefer solo activities to group ones. I like being alone at the park or a shopping mall. I've never been to the zoo alone but it sounds amazing. Great pics, too.

Gentri said...

THat sounds like a pretty great day to me! i should go to the zoo alone.

Brittany Elizabeth said...

We went to the zoo this weekend too! But, we were in Oklahoma City, not Phoenix. And, we were too late to feed the giraffes. :( Your pictures are absolutely amazing!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love the zoo! It never gets old!

Life Interlaced said...

I totally went to the Barcelona Zoo by myself once. It was a great adventure! I hope you will follow more of my adventures on


Ashley said...

Incredible pictures!!! I love adorable

The Yuppie Files said...

Some days its just great to be by yourself and explore! I went to a movie by myself in college when no one wanted to see it with me- it was actually quite relaxing!

AriadnaBach said...

wonderful collection!!

JW | PEONY said...

I fed the giraffes at Seattle's Zoo not too long ago. What an incredible experience... I bet it felt that much more amazing by yourself.

Unknown said...

So cute and great photos of your adventure at the zoo! No shame in going solo, I think it's important to get quality you time! It's a great time to keep yourself centered, I would be lost without it!

Unknown said...

oh, i would LOVE to go to a zoo on my own! i think i'd stay there from open to close just watching the animals & taking photos all day like you did! great shots by the way. i especially love the tiger lounging in the shade. reminds me of a bigger version of my orange tabby cat :)

Stesha said...

I am so proud of you! i wish i went and did more on my own. Loving the pictures!!

Xoxo ☺ said...

Beautiful pictures, love the zoo. The animals are just so beautiful! Xo

Allie said...

I love all these pictures, especially those of the zebra and the giraffe. I don't know why people feel like one can't do anything by oneself around here. I go out to eat by myself all the time and people always give me a look if i'm asking for a table for one and then I feel like people around look over wondering why i'm by myself. It's silly really. Anyway it must have been nice to spend the day at zoo! The pictures make it look wonderful!

MelissaMichelle said...

I'm new to your blog so I don't know if you've mentioned it before...but where do you live in Arizona? I live in Gilbert and I love it here. We still haven't visited the Phoenix Zoo but we do need to! -Melissa

Rory said...

the big butts picture is hilarious...! you're always the right mix of inspirational and hilarious. You're my daily dose of laughs and motivation <3
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Taylor said...

hahaha love the pictures, especially the 'big butts' one! hahahah!

Anonymous said...

these are so adorable!
what a lazy tiger!

Unknown said...

I used to be nervous of doing things alone, but awesome for you for stepping out!
p.s. I really enjoy your blog, I am blown away that you take most of your own photos, that takes some talent!

Anonymous said...

Wild, beautiful animals caged up in a totally unnatural environment. That's a special cruelty we humans seem to think is acceptable. I'm always stunned that going to a zoo makes people happy.

I mean, does anyone really LOOK at these animals? I mean, REALLY LOOK? A zoo is pretty much a wild animals' version of living hell, and you can see it in their eyes...if you're willing to truly look.

It saddens me to see this side of you; I'd have thought you were more sensitive than this.


Charity P. said...

Oh, these pictures are wonderful! And I always think it's fun and special to go places alone. It's good for the soul, I think!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Sometimes it's nice to go somewhere by yourself :) I love these!

Lesleigh said...

Your pictures are amazing!!


stephanie. said...

i love going places alone. and i love your desired response. that's how i felt like responding when people asked me if i had JUST one kid. really?

love the photos.

lolabarri said...

Love these pictures. I love going on adventures out on my own, I hardly do it enough- the hubs thinks it weird but coming from a girl who has traveled out of the country alone I think it is the best feeling ever.

I can't wait to see you post more of your solo adventures!

Sarah Rall said...

i'm learning to do things solo since i'm in a new city; it's quite fun and also challenging. looove the zebra pic!

Mrs Independent said...

I really really love going to zoos. My husband is away a lot - I will def be trying a solo trip!


Rachael said...

The zoo! I love the zoo! I've never gone by myself before, but why not? I'm sure it's still a good time. Love the photos! And it's so cool that you got to feed a giraffe!

Ginger Tea said...

I love the pictures!

Teri B. said...

Wait a second! You live in Phoenix?!

Teri B. said...

Wait a second! You live in Phoenix?!

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