May 21, 2012


Jeans: JBrand; Top; c/o WindsorStore; Clutch: Aldo; Sunglasses: BCBG; Belt: Ann Taylor (similar); Earrings: Forever21; Neon Pink Chain Bracelet: c/o St. Eve Jewelry; Bracelets: JCrew and c/o InPink; Necklaces: c/o Stella & Dot; Lipstick: Smashbox in Pout; Nails: Impress Nails
This morning I woke up to more company than I could have cared for.  You see - I shared a bed with four dogs last night (I'm dog sitting).  And one giant, ehh...big, ok, kinda medium sized spider.  But whatever.  It was still a spider.
As my eyes slowly peered open to the world at 6 AM after a restless night's sleep, I realized that what I thought was a pillow, was actually a dog's furry butt in my face, that I had been unintentionally snuggling for the past several hours.  I also realized I was dealing with an alarm clock without a snooze button, as I felt my toes under attack.  Current enemy?  A black and white shih tzu who goes by the name, Lil' Nicky.  You see, the bed was clearly over taken by dogs.  And as much as I resisted, I still found my arms, legs, and mind, twisted up in sheets, at the edge of the bed.  In all of my discomfort, I glanced over at TaylaLittle Tayla.  Snoring.  Sprawled out on her back, with her four paws in the air.  Looking awfully comfortable.  And awfully like my new current enemy.  She was probably dreaming of some tasty food, or the best walk of her life, while I was pondering all the things wrong with this scenario.  Then, I suddenly felt something on my leg.  Something crawling.  Ohmigosh.  I glanced down.  A big, brown, eight legged, googly something, that gives you the heebies and scream, kind of spider.  I jumped out of bed faster than I could blink, and did the "get this spider off of me" dance.  Of course, the four dogs awoke from their peaceful slumber, and looked up at me with their puppy eyes, heads cocked to one side, and gave me a look like, 'human, you cray'.  And with that, I rolled my eyes, and welcomed Monday, with some err...expected, and unexpected company.


mums and poppies said...

Neon done perfectly!

Frannie Pantz said...

First of all EEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!! You poor thing! What a way to start the week! I'm so sorry!

Two, I too love this color combo--perfectly crisp and fresh for summer.

Three--I never thought I would say this, but I have been wearing pressons too lately and loving them. And, the price is right too.

Hope your week gets better!

Stesha said...

stick ons?? really? I must try, because gels at 30 buck every 20 weeks is not allowing my savings to grow :)

Sarah Tucker said...


.aubrey c. said...

Oh my gosh, what a morning! I was wondering about those impress nails, I might have to try them now that you said something..!

Lauren said...

Definitely my favorite color palette for summer.
Pups are so funny when they sleep - last night my little guy was snoring up a storm like a 300 lbs man (he's only 11 lbs) and decided to take up the whole middle of the bed. Totally spoiled.


Elisha(: said...

that second shot of you is simply stunning!!


Eloquent English said...

I def got a good chuckle out of this post this afternoon. Thank you for that!!! =) So cute! I would have loved to see all 4 of these dogs in bed with you! LOL PS - Loving the all white/ivory look! LOVE IT! xoxo A-

WearAbouts said...

love the nails! these pictures are stunning... i just pinned you hehe :) THat's nasty about the spider! I live in a 150 yr old house so that's kind of common for me...but I still get grossed out every time. I HATE BUGS. but the dogs...i could live with :)
Enter to win an OASAP leopard pleated skirt!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

LOVE this clean fresh spring look! you look gorgeous as always. and OMG the spider...we live in the country (15min away from the beach country...weird, right?!?!) but i have seen MORE spiders, snakes and even a turtle showed up on my lawn yesterday! i'm not sure what's worse...the black widows or the snakes out here! YIKES.

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Mehak said...

Whoa... What a morning!!!

Love the all white with pink and gold combo... U look beautiful in the pics!!!

Lindsay said...

love this color combo too! you look fantastic! i wish i had your closet, so i could just as great as you :)

Lindsay said...

love this color combo too! you look fantastic! i wish i had your closet, so i could just as great as you :)

Anonymous said...

what an adorable outfit!

Marian said...

Love the outfit. The pop of pink is pure perfection!

(I may have used one too many p's there;)

The Students Wife said...

Love your clothes :) I just found your blog and love your outfits!! i just added myself on as a follower, can't wait to see more!


Xoxo ☺ said...

Love the style, looks pretty on you & how cool do your nails look. Loving the color never tried the stick on's but 7$$!!! Not bad!! Xo

Kimberly said...

Love this monochromatic look with just a few pops of neon...and your high pony is perfect! :)

Camille @ NeverNaked said...

I love all the elements of your outfit... back in the creepy crawly things.. I was outside all day yesterday and just constantly felt like things were crawling all over me. Awful feeling

Char said...

OMgosh! You look exactly like Marisa Miller in these photos! Wow! Beautiful!
Char xo

Laura said...

You look amazing, love this outfit with the little pops of neon.
Ew, that spider incident sounds horrible! I can't stand spiders, they're pretty much the only thing that can make me jump out of bed early in the morning!

L x

K.Lynne said...

Love this!

Sorry about the spider.

Anonymous said...

Oh no sorry about that! back to the outfit I adore the simplicity of it, the neon accents could not be more perfect!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Anya said...

Great minds think alike. Hi, Katie! Please stop by and check out my most recent post re Impress nails. These things have made my life a lot easier. As always you look fresh and effortless!

Natalie said...

i agree, loovveee the colors in the outfit! and the spider, not so much.

Kristin said...

Loving everything!! So simple and well put together!

Laura said...

Nice touch of neon!



Megan said...

FAV outfit

Franziska said...

take note ladies, this is how you do neon. I'm glad to see someone do it right - just hints of neon :)

Rachel Lynne said...

Love the all white! :) Your hair looks super cute too! I actually just tried Impress stick ons this weekend... I got them as a sample with something I ordered. Certainly not perfect, but I was impressed with how they looked, how easy it was and how much shine they had!


Myrna said...

LOVE this. YOu look like you've just got back from P-Diddy's white party :) love that shirt.


Aisha said...

Adorable outfit!


pigeon pie said...

I had to dog sit with 2 giant ridgeback terries and a basset hound that insisted on sleeping in bed with me ... I feel your pain...

Perpetuity said...

First off yes awesome color combo and also I have tried the stick ons. I have to agree kinda liked them too!


Ashley said...

Sorry about the spider! Eye eek!!
I'm loving this color combo & outfit. :)


Jenny said...

Lovely look with white and neon pink! Beautiful photos!

Seize the Styles

Brenna said...

Love this look! It is really fresh in a femme fatale way. Gorgeous!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

LOVE this look on you Katie! neon details are gorgeous :)


Fashion Fractions

Lace And Tulle said...

love the simple and clean look!!!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love your top katie!


Goldenberry said...

What an horrible way to wake up!
Still you look BEAUTIFULL

AJ TAYLOR said...

looooool, dogs and spiders. What a way to start the week. you look stunning, by the way.

Denise Lopatka said...

possibly my favorite outfit post EVER! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Look at those gorgeous legs! You rock the white pants

Becoming Refined said...

Love this fresh look, the pants are so chic!

Lauren said...

Man, I have gotta try those nails! Mine are unsightly. I have a wonderful (read horrible) nervous tick of biting mine straight down to the point of no return. Eek.

You look great!!! Love that outfit. It's so chic.

Love the detailing on that top!

Great look!


Francesca Felix said...

Im definitely all about those nails. they make it alot easier for us that use our hands alot

Jessica Broyles said...

Love this look!! So sorry you woke to a spider!

Spontaneous Beauty said...

What a funny spider story. I really love your outfit!

Azrakun said...

Happy I found your blog! One can't never go wrong with white and its shades...

Erin said...

I love the pops of pink in this all white/cream outfit. So chic!


Melanie Liliana said...

AHHH I need that bracelet! I just contacted the owner of that shop to ask if they ship to Canada! hopefully :)

Lovely outfit as always!


Tracy Davis said...

Lovely outfit - those jeans look outstanding on you! I've been searching for a pair of white pants but just haven't found the right pair.

Tracy said...

you are so beautiful and look angelic in this post. really pretty outfit.

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Stephanie Reekers said...

Nude and white together?! I would have NEVER thought to do that... but holy buckets you look amazing! It's sooo good for summer!

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