May 10, 2012

Interview with Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai - Blog, Twitter

I have an absolute girl crush on Jeannie Mai.  And I'll tell you why.  You may know her best as the digital correspondent for NBC's "Fashion Star", and host of Style Network's, "How Do I Look".  But Jeannie actually started her career making celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker beautiful as a professional makeup artist.  Not only is she an expert on style and beauty, but she spends her time empowering women through her work with non-profit organizations such as Dress for Success and Seven Bar.
I had the great privilege of listening to Jeannie speak at Lucky FABB, and was instantly inspired by her story and fearless attitude when it comes to not only fashion, but life.
This Saturday, May 12th, Jeannie will be at Scottsdale Fashion Square with Rockport at Dillards in the women's shoe department, answering your style questions from 1-4.   If you are in the area, definitely stop by!  It should be a great event.
Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to pick her brain before.  See our Q & A below!

ROH:  I saw you at Lucky FABB, and you have a totally kick as$ personality that is so inspiring for young women.  How do you think your personality transcends into your own personal style?
 JM:  I would describe my personality as welcoming, positive, and empowering.  So all of my outfits have to symbolize some aspect of that through color and texture.

ROH:  Style is always evolving and changing.  But what three pieces do you find timeless for a girl's wardrobe?
JM:  A trench coat, a pencil skirt and a wrap dress.  These three pieces are not only easy to style because of their timeless capabilities, but they also have a unique way of making every woman look shapely.

ROH:  What trends are you currently loving?  And also, what trends do you did you put it at Lucky FABB, "cray"?  ;)
JM:  Currently I’m loving the fresh shades of sherbet, particularly mint.  And as for “cray”, I would have to say the knee-high gladiator sandals.  They really chop up a woman’s body!  Also Boho style, although that’s something not necessarily “cray”, it would be cray to find ME in.  I don’t like wearing things that don’t flatter a woman’s figure.

ROH:  Obviously, your style is amazing.  But, was there ever an awkward style phase where you look back and ask yourself, what was I thinking?
JM:  First of all, thank YOU for the compliment!  I absolutely always look back at my past styles because I love living in the moment.  If I’m feeling a certain look in the moment, and if I’m excited about it at that time, then my style reflects that.  I know looking back that I must have felt really good at that time and that’s really all that matters.

ROH:  What influences your style today?
JM:  My dreams influence my style today because I always aim and want to dress for five steps ahead of where I am now.  For the job I want to succeed in, for the person I haven’t met yet, for that goal I want to achieve…I want to be dressed and ready for it.

ROH:  You are a "Wearapist," which you coined as a psychologist of style.  Since my blog focuses a lot on happiness, what style items, colors, textures, etc. would you suggest someone wear to help them feel happier?
JM:  First the key is to surround yourself with fresh, bright colors and more comfortable and smoother textures.  The same way a fresh bouquet of flowers makes you feel, there’s no reason why you can’t have that same feeling from a top or from a skirt.  I would suggest finding something that’s very floral in pattern and incorporate that into your ensemble.
Also, I think a soft silk blend men’s button up shirt in a bright color is a wonderful thing to own.  You can tuck it into a skirt, wear with leggings, or add a belt and wear as a shirt dress.  It’s a forgiving and bright classic piece.

ROH:  There are some very impressive style transformations on your TV show, How Do I Look.  As a fashion expert, what is one piece of style advice you would give to young women to feel confident in their own skin?
JM:  Here’s my advice:  Look at the odds of being YOU in a world of over 7 billion people.  There’s only one you.  One person who talks like you, walks like you, looks like you…there’s no reason why you should ever feel competitive or feel duplicated.  You have your own story, therefore, tell it through your style.

ROH:  You have so many different hats you wear in your career, makeup artist, fashionista, television host, etc.  Which hat is your favorite, (if you have one) and why?
JM:  I would say my favorite hat is being your BFF- your Best Friend In Fashion.  I love being that girl who can relate to every woman by encouraging her to celebrate her body and conquer her dreams through what I know best; her personal style.

ROH:  I am looking forward to meeting you at the Rockport Fashion Lounge event at Dillard’s Scottsdale Fashion Square on Saturday.  What style tips are you most looking forward to sharing with shoppers on site?
JM:  What I’M looking forward to right now is meeting YOU and every other shopper who is making it out to the event to celebrate their fashion.  So you’ll have to come to hear my top style tips!

ROH:  What is your go-to Rockport shoe for Spring/Summer?
JM:  The Janae Pump is the perfect blend of platinum playful appeal meets sparkly shimmer.  Perfect to take it from day to night. 

Check out more about Jeannie Mai here, tweet to Jeannie here, and shop Rockport here.  Also, make sure to stop by the event Satruday, May 12th, at the Dillards at Scottsdale Fashion Square in the women's shoe department!! 


Unknown said...

I just love her so much. She is so inspiring, and so incredibly stylish.

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

LOVE her! such a great interview Katie :)


Fashion Fractions

Anya said...

Awesome questions! Maybe in one of your future posts you could interview yourself with these :) I'd love to hear your take on these!

Shabana Feroze said...

Excellent interview! I'm a huge fan of hers and it's so great to read more about her! Thank you for doing this! xxx

Clara said...

She seems like such a fun-loving, genuine person. Thanks for sharing your interview; I'd love to see more on here!

Gentri said...

LOVE this! Especially the part about how everyone is unique. Shared it on my fb. :)

Unknown said...

Loved your interview so much I featured it on my blog today!

Kathleen said...

Thanks so much for sharing this interview. Jeannie Mai and I both love figure flattering clothes, which is great to see in a stylist. I also like her attitude that focuses on how happy she was in an outfit instead of looking back and calling some outfits 'mistakes.'

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Very inspiring! Would love to meet her in person!

Unknown said...

i sure love your blog. i think we have similar tastes when it comes to happiness!

his little lady said...

okay, i am a little bit more than jealous of this q+a. adore her so very much!!!
xo TJ

Unknown said...

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