July 11, 2012

Paris in Pictures - The Louvre & Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe
Hiked to the top of the Arc for this view.
Tourist picture.
Walking down the world famous avenue, Champs-Elysees
I really do.
Obelisk of Luxor
Gardens at the Louvre
Paris Pass is a must!
Close up.  Zoom.
It'd be pretty cool to be immortalized as a statue.  But not the pigeons pooping on you part.
The Louvre.
Entering the museum.
Egyptian stuff.
Ancient statue-stache.  Awesome.
These people were fancy.
The crowd to see the most famous painting in the world.
There she is. The Mona Lisa.
Paris truly is more magical in the rain.
It was just a month ago that I found myself walking the streets of Paris.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this city.  There truly is something so magical about it.  Whether it be the history, the streets, the gothic architecture, the rain, the romance, the pastries, the language, the style, I could go on and on!  My husband and I spent a total of four days there.  Which truly, was not enough.  The moment we left, I missed it already.  And I continued to dream of it while traveling through other countries.  Needless to say, I left my heart there. I guess I'll have to go back again to pick it up.  Sooner than later.
On a separate note, I'd just like to throw this out there -I am the world's worst packer.  Let's just say, my suitcase and I came very ill prepared to Paris.  It was cold and rainy every day we were there, except our last.  And I don't do cold.  But, truth be told, Paris is even more beautiful in the rain.  The grey clouds gave an ominous beauty that's hard to describe; I don't know - maybe I felt like I was in the middle of the DaVinci Code, with mystery surrounding me. 
On this day, we woke up, grabbed a coffee and croissant, and made our way on to the metro.  Our first stop was a visit to the Arc de Triomphe.  With our Paris Museum Passs, we were able to hike the stair case to the very top for a magnificent view of the city.  After the Arc, we made our way down the world famous, Avenue des Champs-Elysees.  We didn't stop to shop, but admired the cinemas, cafe's and luxury shops along our stroll.  Evenutally, we made our way to The Louvre to see some world famous art.  It was quite fancy in there, and without a guide or audio tour, it can be very over whelming.  We were there for only a couple of hours, before we walked to a restaurant to have dinner underneath a covered patio in the pouring rain.   


Casey said...

I feel the exact same about Paris (and Versailles)! The only place I have ever traveled that I literally LONG for sometimes. There's just something about it....As much of this world as there is left to see, I joke with my husband all the time that my dream vacation would be 3 weeks in a flat in Paris or Versailles, just pretending that I live there. Except I'm not joking :)

lcason said...

OBSESSED with your outfit. Will you give us the details on it?!

Amy said...

You look BEAUTIFUL and your trip does as well. We are planning a honeymoon to Paris,Italy, etc any suggestions?


Melanie Liliana said...

you are simply gorgeous in these pictures!! I haven't been to Paris but I cannot wait to go!! <3


Stesha said...

no one travels Paris in style like you miss!! I love these pics, especially the LV store!! ahhh!! The pic of you with the eiffle tower in the back ground is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie !

It's so strange to see this pictures because I'm french, and it's make me realized that you were so close to me ! Well, I'm also glad that you love Paris as much as I love your blog !


Rory said...

I LOVE your outfit! and you are an excellent photographer. looks like such a beautiful place :)
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Kimberly said...

Thank you for sharing all your pictures with us - not sure if/when I will get to go, so I love living vicariously through your adventures...it looks absolutely amazing!! :)


prettipenny said...

Beautiful pictures, now I want to plan a trip to Paris! You look unfairly gorgeous, and I love those pants

Anonymous said...

Such a cute outfit and these pictures are amazing!!


Natasha Contreras said...

Completely agree with you! My heart aches for Paris daily, and I can't stop looking back at pictures from our trip 2 years ago. Gosh... 2 years... I believe I'm overdue for a randezvous!


Joyce said...

Katie, I think we were in Paris at the same time!
I've been reading your blog for some time, thanks for the positive messages!
I love your pictures from Paris, especially the one in the Arc de Triomphe! The city is beautiful. If you go back, I recommend you do 2 other things:
1) Go to a town call Giverny - it's where Monet lived and painted. It's easy to get there by train, and I think you would love it!
2) Get breakfast at Laduree! They are world known for their macaroons. There's a store on Champs Elysee, but there's other ones around Paris too.
I'm so glad you got a nice break!
Hugs girl!

Lyndsay said...

I love your photos, so beautiful. I haven't been to Paris yet but I have heard that it is more beautiful in the rain, they even say it in Midnight in Paris!

Kristen said...

Your photos were amazing!!! Paris looks breathtaking!!! Looks like an amazing trip!! I look forward to going one day!

Marissa@ohhhsolovely said...

the pics of paris are such eye candy! i've never been, but it looks so fabulous. i can't wait to visit one day!


Jessica Gitler said...

wow, sounds amazing, I can't wait to go there!! I was also just wondering if you had a update on those awesome shoes that I had won on your blog at all???? just curious ....

Anonymous said...

As I told you on Instagram, I live in Paris and I'm so glad you liked it. I'm sorry it was rainning but as you said there is something special about paris under the rain.
I can't wait to see the rest of your trip!

Anonymous said...

I was in Paris this February...it was absolutely freezing! But it was amazing to see everything the city had to offer. There's so much to do there...I was there 4 days as well, and I agree that isn't enough time to see everything! I'd do anything to go back (but preferably when the weather was better!)

Erinn T || Fancy Napkin said...

Ahh!! BFF! I think my husband and I where in Paris at the exact same time as you, and I have to say, I completely left my heart there as well.

It was my first time and we only had 4 days, which as you put it, was so not enough time. I a;ready can't wait to go back very very soon.

There's just something magical about it.

Fancy Napkin

Christi Lynn said...

i was in paris a month ago! and i loved it! isn't is amazing! I only got to be there for about 2 days though...definitely wasn't long enough. and i wish i could had a cute outfit like you to wear in paris!

Unknown said...

absolutely love these photos!


Anonymous said...

These photos are stunning Katie! I am going to ITaly next summer and am going to do my best to beg my husband for us to also have a few days in Paris. I'm pretty sure I would wake up every morning to get some coffee and a croissant!

Lindsay @

Unknown said...

paris is my favorite! and i cant wait back to take my husband back with me someday :)

Meredith said...

This post brought back so many nice memories for me. Your outfit was PERFECT for Paris and I love your pictures. I hope you get to go back sooner than later :)

Myrna said...

Love these pics You look gorgeous :) Safe travels!



Liz Brown said...

Whoa goodness. What fun! I loved your comment on the statue ... "except for the pigeons pooping on you part." Hahaha!

The Egg said...

when i went to the champs-elysees there was a solar eclipse! one of the coolest experiences of my life!!
love your photos.

xo the egg out west.

Kaity said...

oh man, this makes me miss Paris SO MUCH. definitely one of my favorite cities in the world! looks like you guys had such a blast on this whole trip.

still being [molly] said...

paris looks amazing! i have always wanted to go there!

octoberchic.com said...

Wow!!Everything looks so beautiful!!! I bet you had an amazing time.


Magz and Mez said...

WOW - Paris is breathtaking! Can't wait to visit someday. Love your photos and your outfit is super cute!


Alysa Madisun said...

You have the best traveling style! I want to go to Paris!

Simone Howell said...

My hubby and I also traveled there for just 4 days the first time we went. I was not nearly enough so we headed back the next year for 7 days. I LOVED eery.single.minute of it. I was born in the Uk and my parents brother and to the US when i was 5. Being in Paris, the only thought i had was "If I had not moved to the states I would for sure have lived here" The city is SO easy to connect with. It's so moving. Your blog post totally reminded me of how I felt when I was there. Left my heart in Paris for sure. We are taking our girls to London and Paris next summer. Can't wait to go back! Thanks for sharing!

Simone Howell said...

My hubby and I also traveled there for just 4 days the first time we went. I was not nearly enough so we headed back the next year for 7 days. I LOVED eery.single.minute of it. I was born in the Uk and my parents brother and to the US when i was 5. Being in Paris, the only thought i had was "If I had not moved to the states I would for sure have lived here" The city is SO easy to connect with. It's so moving. Your blog post totally reminded me of how I felt when I was there. Left my heart in Paris for sure. We are taking our girls to London and Paris next summer. Can't wait to go back! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing! Paris is the a beautiful city. I can't wait to get back there someday!! I fell in love with every city we visited in France. It is a lovely country!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

your photos are gorgeous Katie! I've never been to Paris but planning a trip there soon and can't wait :)


Fashion Fractions

Anonymous said...

amazing photos! loved my trip to paris several years ago. when my sister went, she visited a perfumerie and i hope to chat about that on my blog in one of my upcoming posts! did you get a chance to visit one? xoxo

frau.annabelle said...
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frau.annabelle said...

i really like your photos and have just realized it has been waaaay to long, actually years, since i've last been to paris (given that it is just a few hours trainride away from where i live that is shocking!).
coincidentally, i have been listening to the following playlist all afternoon, and when i looked at your pics, the music put me in a paris state of mind:

(by the way that blog is incredible, tons of information and inspiration for paris lovers - if you don't already know it, you should check it out, it is lovely!)
greetings from germany

Caroline said...

Oh wow, these pictures are magical! I want to visit Paris so very badly. Glad you had a lot of fun and had on super adorable pants on as well :)

Unknown said...

Looks like Paris is still chilly! I was there just a few weeks ago! Wasn't the Louvre amazing?!

Such a cute look, love your bright red pants! Hope you had an amazing time!

Rachel’s Lookbook

Victoria said...

Love the pictures! Where are your shoes from? So perfect!

Unknown said...

I went to Paris two years ago and fell in love! It is amazing!

xx, Savannah


Tiffany said...

I can't remember if I've ever commented on your blog or not, but I've been following your blog for a while and just love it! I knew your husband Ryan back in college...we have lots of mutual friends :) He's a great guy and you guys make a gorgeous couple! So jealous of your AMAZING trip to Paris and wanted to ask you where you got your gorge red skinny jeans from??

annacbie said...

so so SO cute!


Unknown said...

Amazing pictures! You look fabulous! I just found your blog and I'm already obsessed!


ehubbs85 said...

Oh I love your shoes! They look great for traveling - I'm going with my husband to Italy and am looking for a pair of shoes that go with everything, are cute, and are still comfortable. Were yours? Where did you get them?

Sounds like your trip was amazing! I've always wanted to go to Versailles...

Bridget said...

i need to get to paris. rain or no rain. and you look fabulous in your red skinnies!

sburton1130 said...

These photos are beautiful! Paris is on my bucket list.
That picture of you in the glasses is stunning!

Unknown said...

I love all of your posts. But where did you get your flats. They are adorable!?!

Di said...

Wow! Looks like ya'll had a great time. Love the picture of the Palace of Versailles gate and the photo of the Louis Vuitton headquarters. Is there any way I can order a print of those from you?

Rachael said...

All those pictures were great. That's so cool that you saw the 'Mona Lisa' in person! Wow. That is awesome.
Just the fact that you went to Paris is awesome! I guess you can speak French?

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