August 1, 2012

Ravello, Italy

We made it to the Amalfi Coast!  I know I say this in every post, but really, the Amalfi Coast is one of my favorite places!  It is just so incredibly beautiful; words cannot describe it.  
Let me tell you about Ravello.  
Every one I spoke to before going to Italy said, "Positano is where it's at."  OK, we HAVE to go to Positano.  My little heart was set on it.  So when Husband informed me that he didn't book a hotel in Positano, but Ravello instead, my little heart wasn't happy.  Husband's thinking - it's only 20 or so kilometers from Positano.  Real close, right?  Wrong.  It's actually about a 45 minute drive on a windy, one-and-a-half lane road, on the side of a cliff.  I was this close to canceling the reservation and booking a stay in Positano.  Luckily, we didn't.
After hiking around the ruins of Pompei, we hopped in our car, all sweaty and dirty, and soon found ourselves  underneath a shaded canopy of bougainvillaeas at The Best Western Hotel Mamorata.  And whoa.  My little heart?  HAPPY.
Mamorata is an old paper mill, that is built into the side of a cliff, right above the Mediterranean Sea.  If you are ever on the Amalfi Coast, please do yourself a favor and stay here.  If only for a couple of days.  Don't ask questions, just do it.  You'll thank me later. 
Mamorata has a pool, which was a major selling point.  But, if you keep walking past the pool, and past the small bar, there are lounge chairs with umbrellas, perched right on the crystal-blue water.  {One is waiting for you.  Or two.}
For the next two days, I did absolutely nothing but sit in my swimsuit and lounge.  Lounged on the chair.  Lounged underneath the umbrella.  Lounged on a raft floating to the rhythm of the sea.  I floated to a waterfall.  I took a nap.  Read my book.  Took another nap.  Held my Husband's hand.  Sipped on lemon soda.  Got a tan.  {Got a really good tan.}  Stared at the coast line.  Watched the clouds roll by.  And when it got too hot, I took a dip in the refreshingly cool water. I could not describe a time in my life, where my pulse dropped so low, where I didn't have a care in the world.  It was so incredibly peaceful.  So relaxing.  All you hear is silence, the wind, and laughter.  It was a little slice of heaven.
In reality, you don't have to leave the hotel, because they have two excellent restaurants.  The negative reviews this hotel receives is that it is far from everything.  But this is a place you go to relax.  Period.  If you don't get that, you miss the point.
On our last night, we decided to venture to the town of Ravello, which is all the way at the top of the mountains.  It's about a ten to fifteen minute drive.  And like a little village in the clouds.  So dreamy, and quaint. Really, I adored it so much.  People were walking their little dogs, children were playing football in the square, and I thought, man, I could live here.  We ran into our new British friends, and ate dinner with them, talked about life, politics, and stag parties.  
Expectations, or rather, lack of expectations is a darned thing.  But I'll talk more on that later.  Next up, Positano and then Anacapri (which makes my little heart flutter.)

{I wish I took more pictures of this place, but as you could see, I was too busy relaxing.  Here is one I googled of the hotel.}


Tamaras Blend said...

Wonderful photos! I'm planning on going to Italy in September so I'm googling Ravello right away!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! You two are so cute!

xo kayla

Faith said...

can your pictures get any more stunning?!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Jeez why do you do this to me when I'm stuck at the office and it's raining outside ?!!
You look stunning BTW

Caroline said...

I really just want to drop everything and get there right now!

Irene said...

wow, it sounds like the perfect visit to ravello! it does look so peaceful and relaxing! you look smokin in your bikini! and i love your striped dress! <3 :-)

Brittany LeSueur said...

I don't think you can go wrong with Italy period!! I love all these pictures, and that swimsuit look amazing on you! Italy is on the top of my travel list! Glad to know where to go!!

Kristen said...

SO beautiful!!! I'm really enjoying seeing your trip close up like this!!! It looks absolutely amazing!

Hannah, Here! said...

Gosh, you just have the most gorgeous photos from each place you went to!! I'm practically drooling over here. (And mentally planning a trip to Europe!)

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!! So gorgeous.

Caitlin said...

That picture of you looking out onto the water is such a classic. You'll love that picture forever.

I'm dying for these posts, but did I miss a post where you explained why you and your husband got to go on this amazing trip?


LisaC said...

GORGEOUS pictures. You are a talented photographer. I also love that swim suit, did you mention where it's from?

Emily said...

I love living this adventure through you!

Abra said...

goodness, where did you get your swim suit? I'm in love and I need it!

Anonymous said...

First of of my LIFE DREAMs is to visit Pompeii...your pics were fab and it just sparked this incredible yearning in me to go NOW :) And these photos are lovely too...the sea couldn't be prettier and you couldn't look more stunning.

<3 Cambria

Morgan said...

Oh!!! this look absolutely fabulous! What I wouldn't give to be on the Amalfi Coast at this moment instead of stuck in an office!


Tessa said...

These pictures are unreal! So goregous. Add Amalfi Coast to my bucket list!

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

These pictures are SO amazing! So, so jealous of your traveling!!

Alicia Doris said...

I love the way you write!! I can read your blog all day! and love the pix!!

LV said...

I want to go to Italy so bad. These photos are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

dying over your whole trip. i can't wait to go to italy with my husband - to show him all the places we lived, and then go to all the places we didn't :P

Kristin said...

would love to know where that swim suit is from!

Unknown said...

these photos are stunning

Myrna said...

Great pics and fabulous bathing suit.


Stephanie said...

Looks and sounds like a dream! I can't wait to go back to the beautiful country

Unknown said...

really amazing photos. such a beautiful country!

Laura Nelson said...

You are in Italy!?! I love this post & cannot wait to see more from your trip :)
p.s. you too gorgeous! :)

Unknown said...

Instead of staying in Positano, I stayed in Sorrento. It was the highlight of my trip! And it was so close to Capri, it was quick to get there.

Love from South Africa

Anonymous said...

That sounds amazing!! With my 3 little ones, quiet/silence doesn't exist. ha!

Heidi said...

I will add this to my ever growing list! -Heidi

Leah said...

Beautiful photos as always. You are just travelling up a storm ma lady! Enjoy!

Mary Ann said...

Gorgeous photos, Katie! I love relivin' my tript to the Amalfi Coast through your pictures! I got married in Ravello in 2008 - it was gorgeous and I have so many lovely photos....funny though because I'm not married anymore. Ah well.

That b&w picture of the duomo in the town "square," so to speak, the little door with the awning to the left, they sell beautiful cameos there. Did you happen to make it into that shop? I bought several cameos there and the owner gave me a few bags of pearl and red coral beads to take home, how nice! Anyways, I'm sure you had a wonderful time. Greetings from Atlanta! ;-)

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