November 23, 2012

In the Country

Jacket: c/o Karen Kane; Jeans: JBrand; Boots: Aldo
I've been spending the holiday in Texas country with my family.  I absolutely love it out here.  If I could find my happiest place, it would be near family, with a little one of my own, living on a ranch, with lots of dogs, and animals around me.  I love to be surrounded by life.  Maybe, one not so far off day...
I hope you are enjoying your holiday!  I am so thankful to each one of you.  Thank you for stopping by and reading!


Melanie Liliana said...

you look stunning in these photos! i can see why you love it so much!! and those bangs look fab on you!!

Caitlin Lindquist said...

I love it Katie. You are too cute. I love your bangs - if anyone can pull it off it's you!! You look so comfy and cozy - perfect for the holidays and stuffing your belly full of delicious coma-inducing food. :)


Lauren said...

i love your jeans & boots, the perfect western outfit!


Kenzie Lee said...

It looks like your having a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your family and the animals!

xo, Kenzie

Kori said...

You're so gorgeous :) I love your glasses; I just bought myself a pair similar to them! xxx

Carrie said...

Is that a hint for something???
You look gorgeous darling =)

Style in the City

Anonymous said...

Aww! I'm glad to know that you're in the same state as me Katie! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family. :)

Elizabeth said...

Love that jacket! Fits so well with the surroundings! :)

xo Elizabeth

Marie-Eve said...

You look beautiful ! Love the coat !
My Blog - A Pretty Nest

Caroline said...

love these photos! it looks like a ralph lauren + madewell advertisement or something :) hope you had a wonderful holiday!

chachamisu said...

Oh i love this style! You look great. I love laid back, native inspired, country, down to earth and chic at the same time.

Shoegal Out In The World said...

Great photos... I love your hair pulled up in a pony tail... I think bangs really look great at you...

Have a great weekend!!!

xo, Violeta

Brittany LeSueur said...

Stop, you are too cute. I have always wanted to live in Texas, and now I really want to!! Love this post!

Melissa said...

That is the perfect "equestrian chic" outfit!

Miss Hannah said...

This is so fantastic. I Love this post. That jacket is amazing.


Rory said...

A fantastic look for being out in the country and surrounded by horses! You fit in with that cool print :) LOVE this outfit. Such nice skinnies and love the boots! <3
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Perpetuity said...

Absolutely gorgeous pics! So pretty with the horses!!

megaloid said...

Love this!! And I think your new bangs are so cute and suite you!! I love being around my dogs and horses! It makes me feel like all my worries are gone when I'm around them!!

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and time with your family!!



Kristen said...

I love this outfit! You look stunning as ever, and how nice to get to the country!

Lauren Nicole said...

This outfit is incredible! I love your jacket! And horses.. oh, horses, they are my #1 passion! :)

Krista Luna said...

Gorgeous pics! I live in TX, originally from AZ :) you make TX seem so much more beautiful! You are stunning! LOVE your jacket too!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful pictures - love the southwestern feel to this jacket and those horses are gorgeous!

Hannah said...

totally love the location you choose!

Nora Spaulding said...

WOW I love horses so much! This is the most beautiful post ever!~ Thank you for showing where you spent your vacation. I enjoyed every single photo! goes to show what a HUGE deal photography is to blogging!

Jin said...

you photos are beautiful. The horses are goregous too. (cute jacket, perfect for Fall)

Maria said...

Oooh, are there plans for little ones soon? I didn't like it when people used to ask me that when I first got married, so apologies if this is an inappropriate question. I'd just be over the moon as I'm just about to have our first one in March!

Maria xx

Caroline Mayowski said...

That blazer is phenomenal. Hope you had a great holiday!

the blackbird blog

Katies Bliss said...

Love all the photos of the horses! I would totally love to one day live in the country surrounded by animals :)

Sofia Donatelli said...

beautiful pictures! Love your southwestern jacket.


Shannon said...

You look stunning! These surroundings bring out your beauty even more!! Love the bangs :)

Kacie said...

Gorgeous photos! That blazer is amazing!

Isa said...

Oh my god adorable. I used to live in Texas when I was a child and I don't remember much more than the horses... they are such beautiful and graceful animals! Also, your coat is stunning - it matches the scenery perfectly!

Chloë, LikeLoveStyle said...

Love your pictures. Your jacket is gorgeous!

Debbie said...

I'm Kari's neighbor and those are my horses and goats. Love this post!!! When our baby donkey is born, maybe you can come back and take pics. Would love to meet you.

Lisa said...

You've mentioned having a family in so many of your posts... it makes me wonder if you are experiencing infertility. I say that because I've been there. It's not my business, but warm hugs to you on your journey.

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