November 28, 2012

Wish List : Accessories

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Just a few ok, thirteen wishes on my Christmas list this year.  Can a girl really have too many accessories?  Ok, don't answer that.  

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Katie said...

I adore the planner and iPhone case. As soon as I graduate and find a job, I am going to invest in that Kate Spade planner, since my Lilly one ends soon!

Lauren said...

love the kate spade watch, classy & adorable!


Miss Hannah said...

That little heart ring is amazing.


Ashley said...

Love the ring! The Kate Spade gloves are actually at Nordstrom Rack right now and marked down!

Perpetuity said...

Great pics! Thats all I need, to have more ideas for my ever growing wish list lol!

Perpetuity said...

Great pics! Thats all I need, to have more ideas for my ever growing wish list lol!

Melissa said...

I adore those J Crew earrings -- now on my wishlist!

KenzeLee said...

Those heels are to die for!

xo, Kenzie

According to Jax said...

ahhh, i need those hi-5 mittens!!! (but not for $68) :(

Elaine said...

Love the J Crew ring. The bow ring is on my wish list :)

Angela said...

All gorgeous pieces

christin said...

I love my Etta's in gold and I really really want the leopard print pair!

Cassy Workette said...

Love the kate spade watch, looks much classier than the bulky MK ones


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll answer that. A girl can have triple the list of accessories, haha! Love your picks!

Elizabeth said...

I have the sunnies - definitely a LOVE!! Also adore the watch!!

J Ciriello said...

DEFINITELY get the wedge sneakers
I just got some at DSW from Steve Madden and they are cute and comfy
In fact I liked them so much I ordered a pair of Nike wedge sneakers last night

Check out my post on the wedge sneaker

Heidi said...

Everything on this list is amazing! Especially those leopard shoes. -Heidi

Caroline said...

great stuff! loving holiday gift guides this time of year... so many fresh ideas :)

Melissa Blake said...

Ahhh, those mittens are a hoot! :)

Lulu Soler said...

My husband just asked me what I wanted for Christmas - I'm sending him this list :)

XO - Lulu

Giovanna said...

Cute picks! Loving that Kate Spade watch and the Ray-Bans!


Isa said...

That purse is PERFECT! I don't know how anyone ever lived without it :P

According to Jax said...

You made an appearance on my blog today, get excited! :)

Pia J said...

Wow! Great choices....think I love them all.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I will happily take one of each! So many cute picks, can never resist Kate Spade goodies!

Daliene said...

I'm wishin for a Kate Spade watch too! I hope Santa reads this comment! lol

Shannon said...

Love those mittens!

Chelsea MacMeekin said...

I don't think you can ever have too many accessories! I adore all of these choices - especially the pink pumps...gorgeous!

Haute Child in the City

Sofia Donatelli said...

Love the make up bag with the eyes. Adorable!

Thanks for the great ideas.


JennyScribbles said...

love the kate spade watch and jcrew heels!

Check out my Gift Guides For Her, For Him and my wishlist?

Kristal said...

love the kate spade stuff! great picks!

Maria said...

Love the planner! Oh my gosh, it's so 80s. I want it!

Maria xx

Kate said...

I love those sunglasses! Great picks :)

Everyday Love said...

That Kate Spade watch is on my wish list as well. So gorgeous!

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