December 14, 2012

Brickyard Buffalo Giveaway

Today we have a giveaway from Brickyard Buffalo!  Brickyard Buffalo is a flash sale site that showcases individual companies and their freshest items.  They have some really adorable items that are featured for a limited time at discounted prices.  Today Brickyard Buffalo is offering a clutch from C. Alex Andria to one lucky reader! To enter this giveaway:

Like Brickyard Buffalo on Facebook
Follow Brickyard Buffalo on Instagram

Good luck!


Lauren said...

Absolutely love that clutch! Followed on FB and Instagram.

chellaprice said...

Love love love!

Danielle said...

Beautiful Clutch! I follow Brickyard Buffalo on Instagram!

Anonymous said...

I like this clutch and the western vibe it gives! Following on FB & Instagram!

Claire Johnson said...

Already liked them last week. Just started following on Instagram!

Michelle Pickett said...

They have awesome stuff! I like them on Facebook and I follow them on twitter @MichellenStrydr but I don't have instagram hope I can still enter!

Unknown said...

I ADORE that clutch!
Couldn't resist entering!!
Liked & Followed.
Fingers Crossed :)

Tina Louise said...

Beautiful clutch! Following on FB and Instagram :)

Ashley said...

love it! I also love discovering new places to shop :) following both

Aracely said...

LOVE!! Follow them on FB and Instagram!!

Aracely said...

LOVE!! Follow them on FB and Instagram!!

Laura said...

I follow on both FB and Instagram!
Thanks for the giveaway!

sarah said...

I liked on Facebook and follow on Instagram!

Sarah Jones inc said...

Love this website! Followed on both instagram and FB :)

robyNadine said...

Love it! Followed!

Robyn xo

I am A Love Addict said...

FB:dosta Radnjanska

laut0022 said...

Love! Followed on FB and Insta

The Egg said...

thank goodness i'm already a follower of both!

xo the egg out west.

sburton1130 said...

Liked them on fb and instagram!
Obsessed with this clutch!

rebecca said...

rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

oomph. said...

following both as @rockoomph


Katie said...

I love Brickyard Buffalo! I follow them on FB and Instagram. :)

Naomi said...

That clutch is adorable! I'm now following! !

Unknown said...

In love with that clutch! I am following both!

Amanda said...

I'm following on FB (amandasmith0707) and Instagram (@amandalrsmith)

Unknown said...

Love that clutch, would LOVE to win it! I liked on facebook!

JC said...

Such a cute clutch! Would love to win it! Fingers crossed! :)

Following on FB; jacinda carlisle

Following on instagram: jacinda411

Thanks for the giveaway!

Adam and Dantzelle said...

Love that clutch! Thanks for the giveaway! Like Brickyard Buffalo on FB and am following on Instagram!
Dantz_ sixtysix at hotmail dot com

Lost in Arkansas said...

Followed on Instagram as @AsahiCozette and on Facebook :)
e_k_t_2002 at Hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Following on FB & Instagram!


JoEllen said...

done and done! Just got introduced to them...Beautiful clutch!

becky said...

so cute!

A Cup of Te said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brittney larson said...

i did both!! xoxo @brittneylars

Vanessa86 said...

All done! What an amazing clutch! Great giveaway, and I L-O-V-E your blog!

Jennifer said...

So cute! I have followed on Instagram, and liked on fb!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just followed on instagram! Fabulous clutch!!

Hayley said...

I already follow them on facebook!

Hayley said...

And on Instagram!

Delaney Knight @Lover_ofClothes said...

Following on Instagram and Facebook!

Mike and Whitney said...

I am loving my new find with Brickyard Buffalo!! I liked Brickyard Buffalo on Facebook and I follow Brickyard Buffalo on Instagram!

Nerea said...

Thank you! I love it :)


Anonymous said...

followed on both!

Lindsay Erin said...

I follow them on Facebook!

Brooke Petersen said...

I follow them on facebook and instagram!

Unknown said...

I'm following on fb and instagram!

Unknown said...

LOVE the clutch so much! I followed on Facebook and Instagram :)


Jeanna said...

I did both as well!

Thanks so much xx

Unknown said...

Now following on both! Love this clutch

Emily said...

Following on insta and FB.. Gorgeous clutch!

Krista Cheatham said...

I am following on Instagram. Love it!

erin nicole said...

This is such a beautiful giveaway! Thank you! Following on both sites!

Anne Camille said...

Thanks for this gift just before Noël!
Hope french fan can win! ;)

Jovan said...

Liked and followed!

Abby Bell said...

Liked and following. Love the clutch!

Little Blue Feathers said...

I follow brickyard buffalo on Facebook!

Little Blue Feathers said...

I follow brickyard buffalo on instagram!

Duska said...

Love Brickyard buffalo!!! Liked and followed!!

Jesse Coulter said...

I follow them on Facebook!
Jesse coulter

Jesse Coulter said...

I follow them on Instagram!

Ksqueo said...

Done! : )

Unknown said...

This clutch is gorgeous!!! Liked Brickyard Buffalo on FB
and followed on Instagram! <3

n.davis said...

Liked on fb and insta.

Anonymous said...

Love it! It's do cute! Thanks for the giveaway! Following on FB and on IG!

erikagc70 said...

Already liked them on FB and was already following on Instagram! Fun giveaway!

Unknown said...

is this giveaway closed? I've already been a follower on IG & just started on facebook.


Unknown said...

Liked on Facebook and following on Instagram!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Jennifer P said...

Done and done! LOVE their stuff. Thanks for the oppportunity!!!

Jennifer P

jessica said...

I liked Brickyard Buffalo on FB! Thanks for hosting! :)

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