December 19, 2012

DIY Holiday Nails

An easy way to wear your nails over the holidays is by painting them with holiday stripes.  I used Essie's "Bungle Junlge" which I have been wearing for days!  I then used Orly's Instant Artist in "Crisp White" and with a steady hand painted on thin, fluid stripes over the red at a diagonal.  I did about 4 stripes per nail.  With Orly Instant Artist, which I purchased at Ulta, the tip is so thin that you don't need to tape your nails for perfectly straight lines.  Besides, they don't have to be perfect, they just have to be festive and fun!  


Unknown said...

love the nails Katie!!

Danielle said...

Love these! So fun for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

these are SO cute. A must-try.


Angela - RoseTinted Lenses said...

Omg adorable I must try this xx

Unknown said...

so cute! perfect way to change a "dramatic red" into "fun holiday spirit"

Emily Beth said...

Super cute! Perfect holiday mani

xo Emily Beth @ Inspired Attire

Unknown said...

How fun! Makes me really want to have a candy cane if I'm being honest right now! Ha!


Anonymous said...

These are so cute! perfect for christmas!

Faith said...

ahh, perfection!

Wine and Summer said...

Those are so fun! Perfect for Christmas. I love it!

Caroline said...

adorable!! so, so festive :)

Unknown said...

This is adorable! Love it!

xo, Kenzie

Nikki said...

Can't believe you did those stripes by hand! They look super cutesy!!
Nikki at

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Anonymous said...


Krista Luna said...

Adorable!! I wish I had the patience. haha!!

Styled By The Moon

Kimberly said...

Such a fun idea - will definitely have to try! Love that first picture :)

Erica | cupcakes and coffee breaks said...

Love it! I'm gonna attack my nails this weekend to make then extra festive for next week. Defo trying this!

Anonymous said...

Perfect holiday nails!

Unknown said...

Perfect Christmas nails!! Might have to try this myself!!

Maria said...

Perfect nails, so cute!

Maria xx

Lyndsay said...

Your nails look perfect! I don't think my hand is steady enough to do that on my own. Recently I tried a matte version of a french manicure, that was interesting, the lines. I couldn't imagine having to draw several lines on each nail.

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Love the festive look!


Unknown said...

Adorable!!!!! Love it :)


Stylishly in love said...

That is so much fun. Very cute.

If you get a sec, checkout my latest holiday post.


Sarah Alves said...

So cute, Katie! :) Very Christmas-y and fun!


Unknown said...

Perfect for Christmas! So cute Katie :)

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

adorable as usual :)!

Constance Murphy said...

Love them! They are so cute ♥

Unknown said...

What a fun way to wear on your nails for the holidays!! I might try that tonight!!

Glad I found your blog, so cute!!!

Unknown said...

Love it Katie! So cute. Great job - I'm horrible at those! Xo
A Little Dash of Darling

melindapollard said...

Love the nails- how cute!!

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