December 3, 2012


Sweater, Shoes, Belt: JCrew; Jeans: JBrand; Purse: c/o Francesca's; Bracelets: c/o Stella and Dot; c/o Jeweliq (here and here); Ring: c/o Nina Nguyen; Earrings: c/o Windsor Store; Top (old): Ruche
Sometimes I like to get all romantical with myself, and wear polka dots, glitter, bows, and the color mint.  And then I like to take a walk down the streets during dusk, underneath the pale sunlit sky.  It's kind of like dating your clothes.  
I don't care what anyone says.  This cardigan will keep me warm at night.  And the morning after.  And these shoes were made for walking.  But not all over me.  Yep, me and clothes.  It's a very giving relationship.  And like I said, sometimes, a little romantical.


Lauren said...

Love your look, especially the shoes and touch of mint! and i totally rationalize clothes the same way!


Liz Morris said...

such a great look :) love the glitter and those chevron earrings are to die for!

Sarah Mira Park said...

You look beautiful! And I'm loving all the mint color in this outfit!

The Weekend Diary

Melanie Liliana said...

you look beautiful!! and I love your hair!!

Perpetuity said...

Love the nude and the mint mixed!

Melissa said...

You look fantastic! Love that purse...

MMB said...

Don't you just love our AZ weather? We get to wear thin layers year round :) Lovin' the mix of patterns!

Tiffany {Grown up Dress up} said...

I'm such a sucker for romantical. You look darling!

Sarah Howard said...

You're incredibly beautiful!

Liz Brown said...

My friends and I used to take what we called 'rotic' walks. 'Romantic' without the 'man'. :P Love your outfit!

Maria said...

LOVE the mint on you! It's a great colour - and I'd literally wear those shoes everyday and I don't care WHO knows it!

Maria xx

Natali said...

Great cardigan and earrings! You look beautiful!

Styleclouds said...

You look lovely! xo, Christina

Angela said...

Lovely outfit!

Stephanie said...

Love your look! The heels and blue are so pretty. :)

Kimberly said...

These pastel hues look so pretty on you, Katie...and I just can't get enough of your new bangs - love 'em!

Breakfast at Cindi's said...

Gorgeous! Love the mint tones !

Breakfast at Cindi’s

Lyndsay said...

I love the bow you made in your hair and your glitter belt! This is such a sweet look, and you're 100% right about those shoes. I have them and they are insanely comfortable to walk around all day in!

Steph Sterjovski said...

Dating your clothes! haha so romantical Katie, you always make me laugh. You look awesome!

Sofia Donatelli said...

What a feminine outfit!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Your hair looks so cute and I love the statement earrings. I hope you and your clothes live happily ever after!

Sarah's Real Life

ckstayingwarm said...

The hair-bow is just adorable!!! I love the color-combo here too - so sweet.


Amy said...

I think that relationship sounds divine!

KenzeLee said...

I love the softness of this outfit, a great contrast to the typical winter wear!

xo, Kenzie

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness said...

Love those colors! Just such a pretty outfit!

Anne Hill said...

Those colors are all perfect together!

Star White said...

I die of cuteness...that bow in your hair (out of your hair)! You look super cute, lovin all these colors and the BIG polka dots!!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit. Love it!!!! Totally something that I would wear. Love your hair.


Kacie said...

Such a pretty look!

Caroline said...

I have a love affair with my clothes. It's all good. And I am so obsessed with my sparkly belt... I wear it with everything!

brittany kyte created. said...

Mint color is my favorite color. It compliments almost every skin tone!


the joys of love said...

Love the mint sweater!! Your hair "bow" is great too!! Just started my first "style" section on my personal family blog...reading your blog has been part of my inspiration!

Chloe Moon said...

I love your outfit! I need to wear more pastels! They really do look pretty! Your purse is adorable btw!

Ergo - Blog

Krystin Lee said...

you look stunning (as always!) but I love the color of this cardigan
xo krystin

Giovanna said...

Cute look! Loving that color combo! Great earrings!


JennyScribbles said...

i love the mint green colour of your cardi! so pretty
Gorgeous half bow up-do! I gotta try that soon :)


Street Lily said...

girl, i totally understand. you look amazing. and your hair... so cute!

fashioningmylife said...

Love that green color!

Shannon said...

Love these colors on you! You look gorgeous.

Jacy said...

This color is beautiful on you and I love your bag! I just discovered your blog and absolutely love it :)
I just followed you on Bloglovin & Instagram and liked your Facebook page! Can't wait to see future posts!


Staci (LeatherandLeops) said...

cute look! love the way you did your hair


Melinda said...

Gorgeous outfit- love the cardi!

Katie said...

Such an adorable outfit as always! I love that mint purse to. =)

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

:D romantical. so cute. and goodness i love all of the layered pastel in this outfit, it is brilliant

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Caitlin Lindquist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caitlin Lindquist said...

Katie I love this look! First, those shoes are seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased! LOVE.

And your hair! So cute! What a cute idea. I tried the bow bun once but it was hard to get it to stay. This is a great take! I love it.

Oh, and that purse was the PERFECT pop to add to your darling outfit. Love love love.

A Little Dash of Darling

Diana Chang said...

The accessories definitely add a lot of sparkle and fun to this outfit. It's nicely balanced and completely adorable!!!

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