May 31, 2013

My Home State

Shirt:  Sol Angeles via Nordstrom; SkirtWillow and Clay via Nordstrom; SunglassesRay BanState Necklacec/o Maya Brenner DesignsPurseMarc by Marc JacobsFastrost BootsAldo; Braceletsc/o St Eve Jewelry; Nail Polish: Essie 'Tart Deco'
I have been to several different parts of the world, but I have to say (in my humble opinion) Arizona rivals some of the best.  From the depths of the Grand Canyon, to the waterfalls of Havasupai, and saguaros of the Sonoran Desert - it is hard not to be in awe of Her beauty.  I've thought of moving to other places, and maybe, have even itched to.  But, I am more than happy to spend out my days under the fierce desert sun.  If, by chancemy journey happens to whisk me away to some foreign landscape, Arizona will still be home.  And when my journey ends, I'd like to think you could find me in Her watercolor sunset.  I'll be the color pink.


Rin said...

I feel the same way about Arizona! I don't think you can really understand how perfect it is until you've lived here! Love the necklace!

xoxo Rin

Ramblings with Rin

Unknown said...

I have never ventured out to Arizona, but I have always wanted to. Your pictures make me want to go that much more! I typically prefer green landscapes, but Arizona seems like it is way more than just a desert. I hope to make it out there someday soon- preferably on a road trip :) Oh, and loving the outfit!
Footprints in the City

Asher said...

Fab. outfit, girl!! Love it!

Natali said...

Great shirt and skirt! Beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

Never been to AZ, but this makes me want to visit!

What a fun t-shirt! I might have to do a diy version b/c it's just super cute!

Blessings & Peace!

Unknown said...

Wow, love this. I love that last line, "And when my journey ends, I'd like to think you could find me in Her watercolor sunset. I'll be the color pink." That's incredible. Love the outfit as well!! That shirt is so cool!


Blaire said...

I completely agree! Arizona is in my top 5 fav states for sure:) I'm so excited to come back out and visit in Sept! It's slightly different than Virginia;) Love that outfit!


Hanna Lei said...

These pictures are amazing and I love your skirt! Hanna

Unknown said...

AZ is my homestate too! I now live in Texas, and I miss the weather and the mountains so much from my old home in Tucson. You be pink, I'll be orange! :D hehe

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

great photos :)


Unknown said...

Gosh this look is just adorable! I have the Florida state pendent from Francesca's and I absolutely love it. It's great to see people have pride for their states. The dessert background in these pictures just makes the outfit that much better. =) And I love the cactus to.

Maria said...

There's that yellow bag again :) I'd love to visit Arizona one day. It's so refreshing to read about someone who loves their home town, when a lot of people just want to get out of it.

I feel the same way about my home town - Glyfada, Athens, Greece. Love it and wouldn't change it for the world!

Maria xx

Caroline said...

Lovely words :) I feel the same away about my hometown - Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

GretchTM said...

Love the look. I hope to visit Arizona one day! It looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

Love this outfit! The tee and skirt are perfection together!

Unknown said...

I have a bunch of family in az! i have only driven through.. but im hoping to visit sometime in the future! the pictures i see look amazing.. but .. i dunno about those scorpions.. they seem pretty scary! Im so happy to see you back more often!! :)

Bailey Schneider said...

It looks like a magical place - I'm sure the energy is something else :-)

Love your outfit!

Ashley said...

Very cute outfit girl! I hope to visit Arizona one day!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Love all the bright colors paired together.

Amanda English said...

I lived in AZ from the ages of 4-7 years old. Surprisingly, my parents never took me adventuring through the Grand Canyon or anything of that nature. Not that I'd remember it today. ;)

Unknown said...

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MMB said...

This makes me so happy. I completely agree. There's something truly magical about Arizona, especially the Valley. I always love traveling and coming home and flying into this gorgeous place. Though the summers equate to oven-like heat, the rest of the year makes up for it.

I love the photos!

Megan, said...

i love it!
Xo, Megan,

Ashley Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful clothes! I love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! Nice photos you’ve got there! I was really stunned with the tall cactus and mistakenly thought it was tall post. Just kidding! Anyway, I enjoyed all the photos and learned a lot from it too. I’ve never been to Kansas yet, but hopefully in the future, I will. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Kate Burkhardt said...

I've always wanted to go to AZ! I'm a big fan of dry heat and cacti, so it sounds like a "must-see" place for me. And your outfit is fab, PS. You give us "kates" a good name.



Unknown said...

You are so lucky to live in such a stunning place! .....Love the outfit too, so cool! Love you to check out my blog xx

Stylishly in love said...

Beautiful global skirt. Love the print on it.

If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Holy Chic'. I would love to read your thoughts on how I styled it.


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