August 14, 2013


Skirt: c/o Francesca's (old) similar here; Shirt: JCrew Factory; Vest: JCrew; Boots: Carlos Santana; Purse: Gucci (old); Sunglasses: c/o Guess by Marciano; Necklace: c/o Stella & Dot; Watch: Michael Kors
Every year on my birthday, I make sure to celebrate by dressing up.  Last year it was Kate Spade and polka dots.  This year it was sequins and sparkles!  To keep the look casual, I threw on my denim vest and suede booties, which took me from day to night!


Rachel Lynne said...

LOVE this outfit! So adorable!

Becca said...

Happy birthday! I love love love that skirt!

Ladyface Blog

Ashley J said...

Such a cute outfit....and happy birthday!!!

Stephanie X said...

Happy Birthday! Your outfit is lovely :)
xx Stephanie (

Kimberly said...

Such a cute look and the perfect combination of laid back with a little sparkle...hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Lindsay said...

You are the cutest!!!

Anonymous said...

Great birthday look sweetie, hope you've had a blast! Love the mix of textures here!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Natali said...

Skirt and shirt are gorgeous! Such a stylish outfit!

Eni said...

Amazing outfit! The sequin skirt looks so great with the denim vest!

The Weir House said...

A super duper cute outfit that I would like to borrow just a wee bit :)

Frannie Pantz said...

Aw a very happy birthday to you! What a fun birthday look! Love the skirt!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

Happy birthday! Love how you made the skirt day time appropriate.

jackiek said...

i love this outfit. i have a sequin skirt that i always struggle with making day-time appropriate. but this is perfect! xo


Taylor Cunningham said...

Happy Birthday! Love this outfit!!

Krista Luna said...

Super cute! Such a perfect birthday outfit!

Mana said...

I adore this outfit! That skirt is adorable, and perfect with those booties.

I'm planning my birthday outfit right now, even though it's a bit less than 2 months away.

Fashion and Happy Things

Jessica Gitler said...

this look is all sorts of fantastic!! happy birthday to you girl, you look just stunning!!!
Jess Cause Blog

Melanie said...

You are rocking that outfit. Love it!!!

Breakfast at Cindis said...

Love your sequins skirt !

Breakfast at Cindi’s

Aleksandra Couture said...

I love your blog. So pretty

Grace said...

This is a great birthday outfit! When in doubt, sparkle is always the best.

Have a great day!
A Southern Drawl

Kikibug725 said...

Ahh this helps me so much. Last year for our first anniversary I bought a similar skirt at Loft. It's been sitting in my closet since bc I don't have enough occasions to wear it to. Now my brains going a million diff ways. I think it would be super cute with denim shirt. I also have a great military jacket. Thank you for inspiring me!!!

Kikibug725 said...


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! Hope your day was wonderful!

Ashley said...


Sincerely Miss Ash

Leah said...

Happy Birthday! You look beautiful, I hope you had a great day.

Alison Adams said...

Sooo cute! Love this outfit! And a very happy birthday to you :)

Natalie said...

i love this outfit, it's styled perfectly!! the sequin skirt with the ankle boots, especially (:

Natalie | Salt & Sail

Sarah H. said...

We are almost birthday buddies! Mine was the 13th. I like looking special or wearing something new on my birthday too. I love your mix of denim and sparkles.

~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

Hanna Lei said...

This look is so cute! -Hanna Lei

Bogi Bog said...

Love the sequin skirt with denim vest, i will try this combo! Happy birthday!

cait - pretty and fun said...

Love how you dressed down sequins! xo.

Sarah said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

This outfit is everything I think about when I think of the perfect outfit. Love it!

- Sarah :)

Sofia Donatelli said...

What a cool look on you. What a great buy with this skirt. It's great for any season.


Just Another Shopaholic said...

I am loving that skirt, it's amazing.

Meg Lewis said...

Such a good balance of girly and strong pieces! Happy Belated Birthday!!

Anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.
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bren yule said...

I would have never thought of this combo and it looks great on you! Happy Birthday! Mine was week! wHOOT wHOOT!

Anonymous said...

Love how you toned down the sparkly skirt with denim and ankle booties! Hope you had a great birthday!

Stefani said...

Love how you dressed down sequins,it looks amazing! Such a great outfit!

PhazeStyle said...

This outfit is gorgeous, I love that skirt!
You look great!

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Thanks x

PhazeStyle said...

This outfit is gorgeous, I love that skirt!
You look great!

I've recently started my own lifestyle blog, please check it out on...

Thanks x


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