September 4, 2013

Northern Escape

Jeans: JBrand; Shirt: Madewell and Target; Boots: Minnetonka; Purse: Target; Scarf: Target; Hat: Ninewest (old) similar here; Sunglasses: Madewell
One of my favorite past times is to hop in the car and embark on a road trip.  I recently escaped north with my family for a little r&r at a cabin deep in the woods of Flagstaff, Arizona.  Living in a concrete jungle, where every building takes on the same shade of beige and the heat bakes all day long, can grow tiring, especially in these summer months.  So traveling where the landscape paints many shades of green, where tall pines replace tall buildings, and the air is instantly a cool 75 degrees, is a very refreshing treat.
What I love about Flagg is that I can go for a walk in the woods and stumble across a meadow filled with flowers.  I can gaze into an infinite night sky and see an infinite amount of stars; there's no need for them to compete with those city lights.
Rather than hearing the humming of traffic, I hear the humming of the wind through the trees.  Rather than shouting hello into my cell phone, I shout hello to the mountains and the mountains answers back with a repeated echo...
We had the best time together, riding zip lines on the Historic Route 66, running through the rain at the Grand Canyon, feeding popcorn to the squirrels, and making s'mores and tellings scary stories around the camp fire.  It was a great northern escape.


Ashley said...

Gorgeous pictures Katie!! It looks like you had a great time, the Smores look delicious and I loveee your adorable hat!!

Ash xo,
Sincerely Miss Ash

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I feel like I'm there :)

~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

Unknown said...

That starscape picture is wonderful! How did you take that?

Unknown said...

I adore this, and I just recently bought those same Madewell Sunnies, they're amazing aren't they?

Fashion and Happy Things

Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

That photo of the galaxies is so awe-inspiring. Beautiful.

Taylor Cunningham said...

You've got me lusting after a trip like this now, it looks like it was amazing!! :) Lovely photos, as always.

Hanna Lei said...

These pictures are so nice. You look fantastic. -Hanna Marie

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos!!

Natali said...

Great photos! I like your hat and boots!

Kat said...

Beautiful pictures, lovely outfit. Greetings from London :) x

ravenlocks said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you guys had fun :) I really like what you're wearing too.

xo Azu

Caroline said...

Yes, a reprieve to nature is just too necessary! Those stars, oh those stars...

Unknown said...

wow beautiful pictures.
xx Stephanie (

Maria said...

Wonderful photos Katie!

Maria xx

Amanda English said...

I love great escapes!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! Love your hat. Where can i get one similar? The links don't seem to be working for me :(

Unknown said...

What a lovely post! The photos are absolutely beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

Stunning!! How did you shoot the night sky shot? Lovin the fringe boots too :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are all breathtaking! Sounds like a perfect vacation.


Ashley Elizabeth said...

Sounds like such a fun vacay! I've been trying to get those boots (love ordering on Zappos) and they've been out of stock - jelly belly!

Unknown said...

These are so beautiful! I'm having a little escape to Flag in a little over a week and cannot WAIT to escape that heat of Phoenix!

Gypsygirl said...

So beautiful !!
I felt like I had been transferred to the set of little house on the prairie,love those boots!!

Hannah Scott said...

Those s'more pictures with the girls are so special! Makes me okay with summer sticking around for a few more weeks :)

Unknown said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful time. These pictures are beautiful!

Love from South Africa

Arum Lilea

Sharron said...

Looking fabulous as always!! Loving your boots and hat! Glad you were able to escape the city and get back to nature!!

Talia said...

Beautiful photos! I love the s'more shot. I've been wanting to head up north soon and your post has inspired me even more. Thank you for sharing!

Stylishly in love said...

Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.


Cortney said...

I love Flag! I try to go up there as often as possible, especially in the summer months. I love the little candy store downtown- they have the best fudge!

Natalie said...

love that hat -- it's so adorable! and lovely pictures, i really enjoyed the bunch (:

Natalie | Salt & Sail

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos Katie, I especially love the one of you with the blanket trailing behind you! Such a lovely trip!


wow9gamer said...

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Marissa@ohhhsolovely said...

we just got back from the mountains in CO & it was asuch a nice escape. that mountain air is just so sweet!

Fiveftwo said...

Wow beautiful photos! You look gorgeous ♡

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Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Stunning pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

What a great basic look! Love the boots. Looks like you had a nice laid back trip. I love road trips :)


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Unknown said...
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